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The Extended Genesis Story

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 02:35 PM
This is going to be a long post.

Everyone should know the original Genesis story written in the KJV Bible and other versions of the bible .... Everyone should also know how baffling it is, with it unanswered statements of creation and existance, it simply says that this amazing God who was jealous of other Gods created it, and even more astounding is that he did it in 6 days and "rested" on the seventh..

sounds a lot like a fairy tale, which many people have deduced it to...

It's all too "commercial" in a sound and appearance... (commercial meaning very open ended.. leaves you wondering more than it answers... like a half assed answer so-to-speak)

and of course I was reading and found something a tad more enlightening towards the Genesis story .. it makes the biblical Genesis seem like Star Wars... kind of starts off in the middle or near the end of the whole creation bit and doesn't explain how God made the universe, the sun, his angels, his only begotten son... and so on and so forth...

What I've written out below here is long and most likely won't get read but I hope those that do read it, reply and let me know their feelings towards it.

This is how the LONGER Genesis Starts ... Please post questions if it's confusing at all, I would really like a good discussion.

"REAL GOD" is "NAMELESS" because None of Us have known him yet (until Jesus)... that's because...

NAMELESS (also seen here as CONSORT) created his wife out of his mind, in his image

"And his thought performed a deed and she came forth, namely she who had appeared before him in the shine of his light. This is the first power which was before all of them (and) which came forth from his mind"

She asked for all sorts of powers... she is known as Sophia of the Epinoia...
but one day she decided that she wanted to bring a likeness of herself (an image of herself) into existence without the consent of the Mother-Father (NAMELESS)

"And the Sophia of the Epinoia, being an aeon, conceived a thought from herself and the conception of the invisible Spirit and foreknowledge. She wanted to bring forth a likeness out of herself without the consent of the Spirit, - he had not approved - and without her consort, and without his consideration."

and that BEING was Satan... also known as... Yaltabaoth

She cast it away from her, outside that place, that no one of the immortal ones might see it, for she had created it in ignorance. And she surrounded it with a luminous cloud, and she placed a throne in the middle of the cloud that no one might see it except the Holy Spirit who is called the mother of the living. And she called his name Yaltabaoth

He is the FIRST Archon to steal a great power from his mother.

"And he removed himself from her and moved away from the places in which he was born"

He left their area... assumed power for himself and created the Authorities... (12 of them)
"but he did not send forth from the power of the light which he had taken from his mother, for he is ignorant darkness"

"He became strong and created for himself other aeons with a flame of luminous fire which (still) exists now"(The sun)
"And he joined with his arrogance which is in him and begot authorities for himself"

he created 12 of them according to text. And each of them created 7 Powers for themselves...

"and the powers created for themselves six angels for each one until they became 365 angels"

""And having created [...] everything, he(Yaltabaoth) organized according to the model of the first aeons which had come into being, so that he might create them like the indestructible ones."

"Not because he had seen the indestructible ones, but the power in him, which he had taken from his mother, produced in him the likeness of the cosmos. And when he saw the creation which surrounds him, and the multitude of the angels around him which had come forth from him, he said to them, 'I am a jealous God, and there is no other God beside me.' But by announcing this he indicated to the angels who attended him that there exists another God. For if there were no other one, of whom would he be jealous? "

"Then the mother began to move to and fro. She became aware of the deficiency when the brightness of her light diminished. And she became dark because her consort had not agreed with her."

Now Yaltabaoths' mother became aware that he stole her power and she was angry with herself and repented and became shameful

"And she was overcome by forgetfulness in the darkness of ignorance and she began to be ashamed. And she did not dare to return,"(to The Nameless)

"And the arrogant one (YaltaBaoth) took a power from his mother. For he was ignorant, thinking that there existed no other except his mother alone. And when he saw the multitude of the angels which he had created, then he exalted himself above them"

(That’s when the God in Regular Genesis say I am the Only God, and I am a Jealous God)

"And when the mother recognized that the garment of darkness was imperfect, then she knew that her consort (The NAMELESS) had not agreed with her. She repented with much weeping. And the whole pleroma heard the prayer of her repentance, and they praised on her behalf the invisible, virginal Spirit. And he consented; and when the invisible Spirit had consented, the Holy Spirit poured over her from their whole pleroma. For it was not her consort who came to her, but he came to her through the pleroma in order that he might correct her deficiency. And she was taken up not to her own aeon but above her son, that she might be in the ninth until she has corrected her deficiency.

"And a voice came forth from the exalted aeon-heaven: 'The Man exists and the son of Man.' and the chief archon, Yaltabaoth, heard (it) and thought that the voice had come from his mother. And he did not know from where it came. And he taught them, the holy and perfect Mother-Father, the complete foreknowledge, the image of the invisible one who is the Father of the all (and) through whom everything came into being, the first Man. For he revealed his likeness in a human form.

What happened there is, The Nameless heard her prayers and had pity on her and appeared to her in a human form, and spoke to her and her creations and explained "REALITY" and Yaltabaoth heard it thought it was his mom...
So then Yaltabaoth said to his authorities...

'Come, let us create a man according to the image of God and according to our likeness, that his image may become a light for us.' And they created by means of their respective powers in correspondence with the characteristics which were given. And each authority supplied a characteristic in the form of the image which he had seen in its natural (form). He created a being according to the likeness of the first, perfect Man. And they said, 'Let us call him Adam, that his name may become a power of light for us.'

At the beginning it was The Nameless who made his companion... They both decided to create "a child" which is the first begotten son... (Jesus) and then later NAMELESS' Companion decided to make "a child" for herself... only, without the Nameless' permission... so "Satan" or Yaltabaoth is in a way Jesus' brother


I said that God created his counter image ... female God...

They BOTH together created the first begotten son .. Jesus...

THEN by HERSELF...... female God created another son without the permission of GOD... the Mother-Father...

She was ashamed of this OTHER son because he was made in ignorance... and she cast him aside...

But the Other son (the one created in ignorance) thought that it was just HIMSELF and His mother...

What I was saying is that SATAN is the SON that was created in Ignorance..

The MOTHER-FATHER (GOD)... Heard his counter-image repenting and he sent the holy spirit to her in the form of the first HUMAN ... and The Ignorant son thought it was a message from his mother, but it wasn't, it was a message from GOD... and the ignorant son seen the image of the human and said Let us make man, according to the image of the first being...
They called him Adam... but he was just a body.. No life...
during this time... GOD put his counter-image in her own AEON so she could correct her problem... and she was to stay there until she did so...
now she understood the problem and realized she had to figure out a way to get the power back that she gave the ignorant son... so she got the authorities that the ignorant one created to trick him into breathing his power into the body which was lifeless..
upon breathing the life into him, the ignorant son seen how great his creation was, and all the authorities and the ignorant son were jealous because what they created surpassed them, so they put Adam to sleep because they wanted to steal the power that was in him, and they created a counter-image from him using the power within him, and there was our first female.. (eve) ... now after Adam awoke and seen eve beside him he immediately recognized the mother in eve... and now the authorities were really mad... so they cast the 2 of them to earth, in the authorities paradise and showed them the tree of their power... it was actually Jesus who gave the fruit from the tree to Adam and eve in the form of an eagle..
After this... we recognized our defiency (sp?) and we felt shame... and once again we found favor with GOD... because we understood our wrong doing... at this point the ignorant son was just furious claimed he was the only God... and made his authorities aware there was actually someone else.. So the authorities conspired with the ignorant son and they created a false image of the 2 beings they created and sent them to earth to fornicate with the women of earth, so that way they could perhaps share or steal our salvation.....

"Cursed be everyone who will exchange these things for a gift or for food or for drink or for clothing or for any other such thing."

You can find the original text here...

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