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San Marcos Couple Arrested for 'Medical Marijuana' Candies (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 12:19 PM
San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies responding to a domestic disturbance call at a San Marcos residence smelled marijuana, and subsequently found plants, money, and other cannabis related items. What surprised some in law enforcement, though, were the 'Munchy Way' and 'Twix-ed' candy bars they found, clearly labeled to contain marijuana, and how much per serving.
Deputies find marijuana-laced products

By: JO MORELAND - Staff Writer

SAN MARCOS ---- Three colorfully packaged "candy" bars labeled "Twix-ed," "Munchy Way," and "OEO" allegedly found in a San Marcos home over the weekend have a not-so-secret ingredient ---- marijuana.

The candy was confiscated, along with a sales receipt for the sweets from a San Diego store, a doctor's recommendations for medical marijuana use, 10 small marijuana plants, high-grade marijuana, a marijuana brownie, and more than $2,800 in cash after San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies responded to a domestic dispute, sheriff's street team narcotics detectives said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It looks like this young couple may have been using the medicinal marijuana prescriptions as a front to sell marijuana for profit. This points out the on-going problem with medicinal marijuana and its quasi-legal status in California since the passage of Prop 215 in '96. The Feds don't recognize it as a legitimate or adequate statute to control and administer the distribution of marijuana for medical purposes, or even that marijuana has medical uses.

Instead the Feds came out recently linking pre-teen pot use to mental illness. Of course nobody wants kids using drugs, but that completely avoids the issue of all the sane adults in chronic pain who could legitimately use medical marijuana as an alternative to morphine pumps and implanted electro-stim devices.

Until this issue is satisfactorily resolved, many people will continue to suffer while a viable alternative will only potentially put their freedom in jeopardy.

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