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The state of our world is the sum total of all human interaction!

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 03:09 AM
I read this qoute by Yogi Ramacharcha and it sent my head spinning.

I have a friend who is consistantly a negative energy to say the least. I mentioned this qoute to him and his ears perked. I beleieve he felt the absolute truth behind the words. Many times we as humans need a perspective on something that may be obvious to someone else. This qoute had a keystone understanding on life.

I asked him if he believed it to be true; his answer was a calm yes.

I asked him then why he wouldn''t make an effort to be nice to everyone he encounters, if not, would that mean that you don't want to change the world for the better, if you agree with the qoute?

At this point he's either going to have to surrender, or ignore the reality and dismiss it as such, "well then they should try to be nice to me?"

I was surprise that after that day I started seeing subtle changes. I just can't believe how perspective can change anything. Any belief can be changed by a simple circumstance. My faith in humanity is being restored!


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