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Clinton Administration Is Responsible

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posted on Sep, 7 2002 @ 04:25 PM
A relative forwarded this email to me. They say they got this last year. Any1 hear about this?

I was a school bus driver for a company that did a lot of extra-curricular driving. The buses would be sent out to every corner of the State to retrieve, deliver and return Guardsmen / Reservists called up for “training exercises.” Have the Reserves, no buses: one may ask? Yes, but during the Clinton Administration the budget of the Department of Defense was chopped off in multiple ways: and one was the use of those buses. Well that is what the boss told us.

In late July of 1998 I was assigned to pick up 2 “Medic Units.” Another driver was assigned to pick up a “demolitions group.” We drove them to an International non-military Airport. They were dressed in their uniforms their gear was out and open. They flew a United Airlines flight.

They met their commander(s) at the airport and openly discussed whether or not this trip “was an exercise or the real deal, this time?” They were told it was “real deal.” As they unloaded the bus they inventoried their supplies and equipment. The list they read from seemed lengthy, they had a lot of medical equipment that seemed to indicate that some body, some place, (actually a lot of bodies) were: going to be needing intense medical care. The teams’ medical related reservists on my bus and the demolitions weapons experts on the other bus were: headed to the African Nation of Nairobi, Tanzania to be specific.

So imagine my shocking surprise when exactly 8 days later, I saw them on my television, on the ABC nightly news hosted by Peter Jennings; taking care of the wounded, in the aftermath of the destruction of the US Embassies in Africa. I put them on a plane for that area of the world 8 days PRIOR to the attack on the embassy. The unit of medics I had transported departed well ahead of the event and were: in place before the detonators were fired. In fact the group of reservists my colleague had transported: had explosive devices in a large case that were well marked on the outside. As I watched the news and read of the blast I saw the members of both groups on the news. The other driver told me to: “shut up and never tell any body.” I can't remained silent about something like this after 9/11.

Here is an interesting thing: visit the AOL news archive and search for: US Embassy Africa. There is a story about the attacks on that embassy. The information given states that this particular attack in 1998: "exposed the plans of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, to the American People, thus exposing Americans to violent Islamic terrorism against America for the first time.” Islamic terrorism was therefore introduced to us under the Clinton Administration.

I am telling you that I transported the medical units 2 weeks before the blasts, while my colleague transported the demolitions experts and weapons. Private school busses like ours don’t keep records of such activity, which is why we were used instead of the militaries own transport. The dog is being wagged. I write this to say: if you think for one second that there is no plan you are wrong!

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posted on Sep, 8 2002 @ 12:59 AM
Yeah, that was posted on the old Ikon board ATS too. It's a neocon hoax. 60 Minutes did a segment on Al Qaeda and Bin Laden back in the early 90's so this thing is pure bull#.

posted on Sep, 8 2002 @ 04:04 AM
Like MD said..... this is a hoax. Lots of people got this email a while back. Only idiots believed it (sorry)

[Edited on 8-9-2002 by Ocelot]

posted on Sep, 8 2002 @ 12:21 PM
thanks guys

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