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Holland EU Referendum: conspirators test limits of electronic vote fraud, after Skull & Bones 2004 a

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posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 09:51 AM
In Holland there was no planning error like in France. Votes are casted ONLY through software. No more paper, no more theoretical limits to fraud, like in France where the conspirators did a planning error and thought that phase 1 (introduction of voting machines, covering only 25% of registered voters) would be enough.

The last official polls from the day before: "TNS predicted 59 per cent of Dutch will vote no, "

Keep in mind that polls are manufactured by the illuminati media, and used to prepare the acceptance of the next step, the fraud counting the votes.
In France suddenly before the referendum the illuminati media announced that "thanks to the appeal of Chirac", NO dropped from 56% to 51%, even if due to the fact that e-vote in France was introduced only for 25% of the voters, it would be impossible to manufacture the final results at will.
So will the Holland referendum break the fraud record of the US presidential election 2004?

Keep in mind that this time it's not so easy to sell the results, as the main role of John Kerry and Michael Moore was to make people believe that almost 50 million did vote for his Skull & Bones pal ...
Yet I think the conspirators will decide that YES wins. Testing the limits of the sheeple.


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