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Fighterjet crashed in sea

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posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 09:00 AM
0930 Local time a Swedish JAS 39 Gripen crashed in the sea outside Karlskrona in Sweden. Pilot ejected and survived.

This is the fourth plane in the series 1 that crash. 1989,1993,1999 and 2005.

It is unknown what caused the crash, but it is known that the pilot had a routine exercise over the sea.

JAS 39 Technical Info:

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posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 01:50 PM
systran translation.

The accident occurred just before o'clock 9.30 on the Wednesday morning. Two Jas 39 grabbed from Blekinge air transport flotilla in Kallinge outside Ronneby implemented an air transport struggle exercise over Hanöbukten then the unite planet havererade. Planet crashed outside Utklippan about 40 kilometers söder about Karlskrona.

Became okontrollerbart
Planet was located on 6000 metres' height then the became okontrollerbart.
- in the ultimate fight then one tried shoot down each other has the to unite the aeroplane come in a situation then the pilot became forced to eject himself, says Lieutenant-Colonel Johan Svetoft at F17 to Swedish News Agency.
Planet each then down on 2000 metres' height.

The pilot landed with parachute before planet bereduced in the water. He was salvaged with the aid of a räddningshelikopter from Ronneby and was pursued to Blekingesjukhuset in Karlskrona.
- we have picked up the pilot from the water and he is pursued to hospitals, confirmed Christer Ekeroth at Flygräddningen in Gothenburg for
- the pilot feels according to the circumstances well and is up and goes, says Marie Tisäter wide Swedish Armed Forces to

Gone to bottom
The is still unclear why haveriet occurred. Planet has gone to bottom and the is uncertain when the will be brought in. The ensitsiga planet was included according to information received in part series 1, the first mock-up of Jas 39 grabbed that was developed during 1980-talet and was produced in 30 copies.
The more detailed circumstances around the accident will be investigated of National Board of Accident Investigation. All flights with Jas 39 grabbed at F21 in Luleå has been set awaiting more information. An investigation group from the commission of inquiry each on the Wednesday afternoon on road to the accident place.

Investigates bärgning
- in a first phase acts the about collecting facts through for example interviews with the concerned in order to try to map what as happened, says Sakari Havbrandt, operational investigation manager the wide commission, to Swedish News Agency.
The investigation group, that comprizes chairmen Carin Hellner, the before this militära the pilot Carl Hellström and the current civilian pilot Tomas Krave, also probablily will begin to plan in order to bring in planet.
- the can of course happen that the lies for deep or for difficult to and the has occurred that we not at all has found crashed flat, says Havbrandt to Swedish News Agency.

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 02:58 PM
They will try to salvage the plane which was at 6000 meters when the problem occured. The pilot ejected at 2000 meters.

The pilot getting rescued Gripen kraschade utanför Karlskrona (in swedish...)

The link above is in swedish, but it has links to pictures and videos of previous JAS-crashes...

Pictures: svt (the same pilot survived both crashes above...)


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