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Failures and Blame In Pat Tillman's Death (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 08:23 AM
The Story about Pat Tillman, a former Football player from Arizona Cardinals, that was killed by "Friendly Fire" in Afganistan last year, is not finished yet. Earlier this month, Josh White of the Washington Post reported on the Army's investigation into how Tillman was killed by fellow Army Rangers. The Army didn't tell his family until weeks after a nationally televised memorial. This article from Washington Post, was written by his Father, Pat Tillman Senior.
I'd like to offer a few clarifications to the May 23 front-page story "Tillman's Parents Are Critical of Army; Family Questions Reversal on Cause of Ranger's Death."

First, the word "critical" in the headline is an understatement.

Second, I characterized the second and third investigations as "shams." The first one -- a homicide investigation -- may have been accurate, but the results were changed by superiors after the investigating officer refused to alter them. I did not say the Army "botched" the investigation. I said it deliberately falsified baseline facts, -- e.g., distance, light conditions, details perceived before and while firing, and the identification of "friendlies."

With respect to the Army's reference to "mistakes in reporting the circumstances of [my son's] death": those "mistakes" were deliberate, calculated, ordered (repeatedly) and disgraceful -- conduct well beneath the standard to which every soldier in the field is held.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The real stories behind "Friendly Fire" incidents, that occured in Afganistan and Iraq area of operations, are always surrounded with Mystery.

Pentagon is very Economical with Truth, when such event occur, and not even the Parents of the victim, are good enough to know the Truth.

Such was the story behind a former Football Star, Pat Tillman, that joined the elite Rangers.

Today, his Mother, Mary Tillman said to Arizona Republic journal, that she would like to memorialize her Son with Truth.

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