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Should France Reject or Approve the European Constitution? (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 28 2005 @ 05:37 AM
At the eve of the referendum the last polls indicate that 56% of the French will vote against the European Constitution. France, as one of the founders and one of the biggest countries in Europe, finds itself in a difficult situation on the political scene of Europe, and threatens future stability if the 'no' should win.
Should France -- one of the EU's six founding members -- reject the constitution, it would deal a harsh blow to President Jacques Chirac, leader of the "yes" camp, and compromise his political legacy.

It could also plunge the EU into a period of uncertainty, as all 25 member states must approve the constitution -- which aims to simplify the operating rules in the expanded bloc -- for it to take effect.

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I believe that Europe without France would be seriously damaged, politically, but also economically. Rejecting the constitution will not as such ban France from Europe, but it seems that almost all of the European Union countries will vote 'yes', leaving France alone with the Netherlands, which seems so far to be the only other country against this constitution.

The problem lies probably in the way that the people in France understand this constitution. Most of the supporters of the 'no' are actually fearing a loss of their sovereignty, in a way: they believe that accepting the constitution will endanger their social security, one of the most generous one, and will promote ultra-liberalism in economy, something that very few in France would gladly accept, given the socialist tradition of the people in France.

I think it is, on the contrary, essential that all the countries of Europe unite together in order to gain economical strength, because we need to face new challenges avery day. China is becoming a huge economical power, the United States are another one, and the small countries of Europe have all a benefit in uniting to face those two powers. Losing France would be a very sad event for the future of Europe.

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