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Dolphins & N.Y.

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 06:51 AM
One has nothing to do with the other but hey, I mostly don't have a say in how my dreams present themselves.

The 1st dream was about being in this house by the water. I was in the livingroom. There's a very large wall to wall window overlooking the water. But it seemed extraordinarily very close to the water. The water becomes like an ocean with enormous waves. I'm thinking OMG, its going to drown the house with us in it. Yes, the huge waves wash over the house but the house & us remain intact. All I feel is some water sprinkles & I see a dolphin swimming in the waves.

The 2nd dream (following the above one - or it seemed that way) was about me in N.Y. during fashion week. I'm discussing my living quarters with D. Trump. I'm telling him I prefer not to stay in the penthouse suite. I'm afraid of heights that high up. I get this other suite about 5 or 6 floors up. It's filled with too many tables. I'm on the phone with D. Trump to tell him this. He says he will look into it.

LOL. Sometimes I get a mish mash of dreams.

Hmm. I wonder if I will be in N.Y. this coming September for N.Y. fashion week. That would be cool.

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