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Al-Qeada Terrorists, Islamic Terrorists etc, Websites....?

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 03:02 AM
Does anyone know the address' of these Al-Qaeda websites that are a source of news for the western world? I'd love to do some research on who owns them, where they are located etc etc.

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that a website can be claiming information about Al-Zarqawi and Bin Laden and it's taken as gospel, repeated globally around the world yet always has the tag... 'have yet to be verified'.?

Wouldn't following web activity be one of the easiest intel jobs around? I know it wasn't hard for me to trace an annoying spammer on another website and have his access blocked, why can't the CIA find anyone connected to these groups and who publish their 'news' and under law are accomplices to murder??

BushCo supporters will flame independent press that actually INVESTIGATES stories rather than just repeating the title of the Whitehouse/Pentagon press release, yet they'll believe anything that comes out of an unverified terrorist website which is impervious to CIA investigation or verification??

These are signs of propaganda, it's really not hard to notice. For some reason the websites are void of investigation, yet are mouthpieces for OUR media and OUR foreign policy!

Could the CIA be invoved in propaganda against YOU!???

YES. Read about the World Wide Attack Matrix, propaganda is one of their efforts and it works!

Among the actions already under way or being recommended in the document were those ranging from "routine propaganda to lethal covert action in preparation for military attacks." Implemented as outlined, the Matrix, "would give the CIA the broadest and most lethal authority in its history."

The Matrix document as drafted and presented to Bush specified targets in 80 countries around the world. The CIA even prepared a Memorandum Of Notification, which would allow the agency to have virtual carte blanche to conduct political assasinations abroad.

It's propaganda, wake up.
We hear about how they are running out of money all the time. How do we know?? Are we monitoring their bank accounts? Or are we taking advice from the guy that's been locked in a cage for 12 months?
If they are monitoring their banking, why aren't they blocking funds from moving between groups and supporters? If this info is coming from people who have been caught, how do they know the finance situation of a world wide movement? Does the guy that mows the Whitehouse lawn know how the US treasury works and could tell another country exactly what's left if he was put in prison for 12 months?? Of course not.

If terrorism was to be fought in a realistic way, it would be treated as a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION because that's what it is. It's not a war because they aren't a military, they aren't a nation, they are criminals and they are breaking the laws of any country in the world.

Everyday we hear more and more inside news about these groups yet everyday we see more and more violence and death, when things don't add up then there has to be a source for this misinformation. Currently it's Al-Qeada's websites!!

Terrorism in not being treated as a crime because a crime can't have war waged on it and for that fact alone, it should be obvious that WAR as it is seen today is a creation for another reason. Obviously, when the war is focused on Oil regions and the people in charge are from Oil and War backgrounds, that's obviously the business! In that sense, a business needs a means to be productive. Stopping terrorism via criminal investigation is not providing an industry to these business', stopping a war does not generate business contracts.

When America saw the news after the Oklahoma Bombing (taking for arguements sake that the official story in true), did America go to war with itself or did it conduct a criminal investigation? Most of the 9/11 Terrorist were suppose to be from Saudi Arabia, one of this governments strongest allies, surely there would be room for criminal investigation? Instead they invaded Iraq to remove Saddam? Why? It was BUSINESS, he was moving his business to Europe, hurting the US economy. He had to go. The War on Terror doesn't exsist in Iraq because it was never there to begin with.

We hear that once Iraq is rebuilt we'll leave. Well what's rebuilt exactly? Why are we missing BILLIONS of dollers from these funds? Why are the US contractors being paid hundreds of dollars an hour for million dollar contracts when Iraqi police get $2 US dollars a day to do the deadly work?

· The starting salary of an IPS (Iraqi Police Service) officer is 90,000ID ($60) per month.

· IPS officers receive an additional 130,000ID ($87) per month in hazardous duty pay.

Who is profiting here? Doesn't look like the Iraqi's. That country has been a third-world since the Gulf war, rebuilding it to pre-2003 invasion is not rebuilding a nation, it's making a hell hole a third world nation again. Why was it a third world nation? US vetos in the UN. Yes Saddam built huge palaces and lived large while a lot of the country didn't, but would you expect Bush to sell his ranch and spread his wealth to feed the ghetto's in LA and New York? HELL NO!! He only gave $10,000 TOTAL in small donations to various Christian groups for the Asian Tsunami !! That's nothing for a millionaire with a billionaire net worth father!

These simple stepping stones are why people don't believe Al-Zarqawi and Bin Laden are who the propaganda claim they are, they simply don't fit the equation because with all the voilence and destruction, the very people telling you how bad these guys are, are the only ones benefitting and in a position to profit from this war.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 03:10 AM
There's a thread about this on BTS here:

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