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The problems with the internet & people new to the subject of UFO's.

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posted on May, 23 2005 @ 06:18 AM
I am very concerned at many peoples views and where they stand on the subject of ufos because of the internet. It's either reptilains ruling the world or galactic empires which as it stands is nothing but pure fanatasy and guess work, just because it's on the internet & seems really interesting doesn't mean it's true.

I used to read UFO magazine which was very carefull & objective in it's research & views without reporting on some of the many ridiculous reports & theories of speculation that lacked any credability whatsoever which do nothing but damage to a very serious subject.

So if your an enthusiastic person new the subject may I recommend reading books such as "Beyond Top Secret" by Timothy Good for a brilliant overhaul of on this fascinating subject. Here you will find "qualified observers" of this phenomena, government documents and reliable witnesses. Generally on the internet it's the complete opposite.

Another book " The Missing Times" by Terry Hansen is another good read.

Please don't go shaping your beliefs on this subject by reading sites which have as much credability as the moon being made of cheese.

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