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From the prophecies of Father Seraphim of Vyrytsa

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 09:36 AM
Here is something interesting: a man who dedicated his life to God wiath all his heart and therefore was rewared with the prophetic gift, not only in terms of clairvoyance, but also in terms of global prophecy.

The holy elder was able to foresee the falling of the atheistic regime in the Soviet Union and the rebirth of Orthodoxy in Russian lands long before all this came to happen. He died in 1949, having left behind a lot of prophecies about the close and not so close future. The text that follows comes from a Russian Orthodox site:

"God is strong enough to restore those who labor, if we ask Him. Let us keep praying and begging - and God will recover even from stones his chosen ones". "At least once in our life we need to light a candle for those we have offended, or deceived, from whom we stole, or to whom we did not pay debts."

The Elder said that the time would come when 40 people would cling to every believer for he would save them. "God would wait for a thousand years that at least one man might be saved to replenish the number of fallen angels."

The Elder said that God gave us a soul, but our body is inherited from our parents and grand parents, that is why together with our body we receive part of their sins. They are waiting for our prayers and feel great joy when we pray for them, and those who are in the Heavenly Kingdom help us.

The Holy Elder could see not only the future lives of people, but also the future of our church and the country. The witness to it is his poetry written in 1939:

The storm will pass over the land of Russia God will forgive the sins of Russian men The Holy Cross in its majestic splendor Will shine above the churches' domes again The bells will ring awakening from horror From sins to salvation The holy houses of the Lord will open their doors And faith in God will bring us all together.

The Elder said that the time would come when the beginning of the verse will read as "The storm has passed over the land of Russia".

One time to answer his spiritual son's question about the future of Russia, the Elder suggested to him to look out the window. The man saw through the window the Gulf of Finland and many ships under different flags in it. "What does this mean?"- He asked the Father. The Elder answered: "The time will come when spiritual life in Russia will blossom." Many churches and monasteries will be opened, even people of other religions will come here to be baptized in Orthodoxy. Although this will not last long -maybe fifteen years, after which Antichrist will come".

He would say that after the East becomes strong, the world would become unstable. "They are bigger in number, and not only that - their workers are honest and sober people, and here - so much alcoholism..."

As those witnesses remember, the blessed Elder said: " the East will be baptized in Russia. The Heavenly Kingdom and those on earth who understand pray for the enlightening of the East."

"The time will come when Russia will be torn into pieces. The entire country will be partitioned first and then despoiled. The West will welcome the decay of Russia and till a certain time will agree that China takes the eastern part of Russia. Japanese will lay their hands on The Far East of Russia and the Chinese - on Siberia; they will move to Siberia, marry Russians, and in the long run by means of treachery and deceit, will occupy the territory of Siberia all way to Ural. When they are ready to go further, the West will resist it."

"Many countries will assail Russia, but She will hold out, although She will loose a major part of its territory. The war mentioned by the prophets and the Holy Gospel, will cause the unification of mankind. People in the world will understand that they are moving to a dead end, destruction of everything live, and will eventually elect a Common Government - this will be a precursor of the enthronement of Antichrist. Then, the persecution of Christians will start all over, people will flee to Russia in huge numbers, and one will need to go with the first, for many who stay will perish."

The Elder loved young people with all his heart. At that time young people went to church very rarely, if ever; so he was especially happy when they visited him. Father Seraphim spoke about the tremendous role of young people in the future rebirth of the Church. He said that "the time would come (and is already coming) when immorality and corruption will reach the lowest depths. There will be scarcely any purity left in young people. They will see no showstoppers in satisfying their whims, for they will be sure in their impunity. They will get together into groups and gangs to commit robberies, and live dissolute lives. At a certain time there will be a call from God and it will no longer be possible for them to live that kind of life- and they will turn to God, everyone by his own road, many will feel a craving for asceticism. Those who were sinners will be in the churches, fallen people will feel a strong need for a spiritual life, and many will become monks and nuns. The monasteries will be reopened, the churches will be full of people the majority of which will be young. The young will be going on pilgrimages to holy places - what a wonderful time this will be! The more they sin now - the more fervent their repentance will be. As a candle sparkles bright before it goes out, the same with the life of the Church. This time is near."

"God blessed Russia so generously with richness and beauty: forests, lakes, rivers, and mineral resources. Sadly, people live without God, but the earth is the mother, she gives bread and life. The enemies - the God battling authorities will not let people get back to the earth for a long time. The earth can feed everybody and everything can be set, but this not what the enemy wants, not a newly born Russia. Nonetheless, Russia will live from her earth."

"Jerusalem will become the capital of Israel and in time must be the capital of the world. For it is the center of the earth, the Savior of the world was crucified there and raised from death."

Father Seraphim knew about his future glorification and said: "Do not haste to dig my body out. Rely on God... I do not want my body to be subject to trade".

His spiritual children preserved one more verse of the Elder written in 1946:

"Glory to the marvelous God our Lord! Sing and rejoice, oh my soul I am in craving for a holy abode Where Jesus is the sweetest of joys You alone are the hope of my life In sorrows and sickness, my strength Be my joy, my cover and hope I give my whole life to you Glory to the marvelous God our Lord! Sing and rejoice oh my soul I am in craving for a holy abode Where Jesus is the sweetest of joys "


The Elder is actually predicting a third world war that is soon to take place, in which many nations will assail Russia, but she will hold out. Strangely enough, his prophecies match the prophecies of greek orthodox monks who had the prophetic gift (like Elder Paissios +1994), and Elder Joseph of Vatopedi, who stills lives.

More about the holy elder and his prophetic gift can be found here:

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 02:14 PM
Interesting to note is that the Chinese Government has laid a claim against the Russian Government for the territories north and east of Mongolia. While this is being handled very quietly there is a large number of Chinese illegally immigrating through Mongolia to the Russian territory of Siberia.


Russia. The Russian Federal Border Service estimated that there were a million illegal migrants in the country, most from China; between January 1999 and June 2000, 1.5 million Chinese entered Russia, and only 237,000 were legally registered. However, the Federal Migration Service said that there were not one million Chinese in the country, saying that most of the Chinese are shuttle migrants who buy and sell goods, and do not remain in Russia.

Russia and China share a 500-kilometer border in Siberia and the Far East.

China said that its migrants who are working and trading in Russia are spreading prosperity on both sides of the border. Local Russian officials counter that the migrants contribute little to the local economies, dodge taxes and are increasingly involved in illegal timber and scrap metal exports. The FMS says that the Chinese send home more than six billion dollars a year.

In a poll cited by ITAR-TASS, nearly 44 percent of Russians are opposed to issuing work permits to jobless migrants, with 28 percent backing a reduction in immigration. The Russian government issued about 200,000 work permits in 1999 most for those from the Ukraine, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Moldova and Azerbaijan.


Sino-Russian Relations

Mr. Nemtsov discussed two major points with regards to Sino-Russian relations.

First, he observed that there were at present no political problems between the two countries. A potential danger area concerned the problem of illegal Chinese immigration into Siberia. The population of Siberia totals approximately 20 million people, who live next to a much greater Chinese population in Northeastern China. At present, he estimated that there are approximately one million illegal Chinese immigrants in Siberia.

Secondly, Nemtsov noted that the huge potential for an immensely rewarding economic relationship between the two powers. Russia, blessed with abundant energy resources, could build a pipeline from Siberia to China to help satisfy China's growing need for energy imports. The problem: the current weak international oil market makes financing such a project problematic. Russian electricity exports to China constitute another possible new market.

As for Russian weapons exports to China, Nemtsov noted that the do indeed "exist" but that the Russian government would never send "something wrong" to China. Russia will abide by its international obligations and doesn't expect that this will be a problem in the future either.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 08:06 AM
Here is another prophecy relating to Russia and the whole world ....


"""And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour."""

(Revelation 8,1)

quote///The Russian Revolution was prophesied by many holy people long before it actually took place. The Orthodox Archbishop Andrey spoke of this in his report at the Pastoral Conference at Jordanville in 1969.
Here he stated that everything that had happened in Russia, from the Revolution on, was predictable from as far back as 1470. For it was then that the Judaizing heresy began in Novgorod.
This heresy was not in fact about Judaism itself, but essentially about keeping the form of Orthodoxy beneath the mask of Western humanism (The Orthodox Way, 1987, p.39).
However, it is less well-known that holy people both in and outside Russia, also prophesied the fall of atheism and the rebirth of Orthodoxy in Russia ‘for the space of half an hour’, before the end.

more below....


posted on May, 24 2005 @ 02:42 PM
Wonderful site Helen.
Pretty much sums up the prophecies of all the Russian fathers about the collapse of the atheistic regime and the return of Orthodoxy to the Russian lands.
It is quite notable that many of these elders died before 1950, which means they were in the very thick of the atheistic regime...

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 06:43 PM

trangely enough, his prophecies match the prophecies of greek orthodox monks

The only thing thats 'strange' is that russian and russian orthodox monks predicted that their enemy, the church devouring soviet union, would be destroyed and that their church would be revided.

Oh wait, thats not strange, thats to be expected.

Also, the description of the fall of the SU, it doesn't seem to say anything specific, other than that the SU fall.

Has this guy said anything specific that came true??? Anything, you know, prophetic??

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 07:49 PM
In fact, quite alot of the prophecies concerning the past have happened!
I have in the past mentioned quite alot of various prophecies of Saints that the church recognizes as True revelation of God.....mentioned in other posts concerning the past and future prophecies .
Prophecy is there for our benefit and our eternal soul......not for the benefit of one living in the world and it's earthly gains.... eg..about earthly matters like that of many so called psychics and fortune telling about meeting the one .....or your going to get rich.....or similar things that actually does not benefit us at all but does the exact opposite!
We all know that money will make life easieror shall I say bearable (well, depending on how one sees this) but not nessasarily make one's life complete in perfection....again, this also depends on what one wants from ones being...we are all going to our graves ....whether we like it or not.....this we all know and cannot change......but we are offered to enrich our lives for eternity and not just in this world....but in the world to come...and His Kingdom shall have no end.....

Many prophecies relate to helping one 'feed the soul ...with ''spiritual food'' not ''food'' to satisfy the Christ said that one should seek the Above first and then what is needed....


[edit on 5/24/2005 by helen670]

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 08:01 PM
quote//Many prophecies relate to helping one 'feed the soul ...with ''spiritual food'' not ''food'' to satisfy the Christ said that one should seek the Above first and then what is needed....

What I meant by ''Above'' is the 'above' in heaven, not the ABOVE TOP SECRET!


posted on May, 24 2005 @ 09:16 PM
An old post I found ....
Regarding Prophecy ....
he fall of Constantinople, the predicted year when it would happen along with a time of which Greece�s liberation from the Ottoman Empire would occur (see this stunning prophecy below).
The shaping of European History after it's fall in 1453 A.D.
Western Europe�s Protestant Reformation, through Luther, against the Pope.
Napoleon�s action, his campaign and doom in Russia
The partition of Austria, and the German Kaiser�s banishment after World War 1.
Russia�s Sovietization
Germany�s defeat and dismemberment after World War II.
Events of World War III, in detail, before it and after it�s results.
The Victory of Apostolic Christianity

So yes, accurate predictions have been made .....

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 11:57 AM

The only thing thats 'strange' is that russian and russian orthodox monks predicted that their enemy, the church devouring soviet union, would be destroyed and that their church would be revided.

Oh wait, thats not strange, thats to be expected.

What makes you think the fall of the Soviet Union was to be expected? Back in 1950 who could be speaking of the end of the Soviet Union? Back then Stalin was in power, and the Soviet Union was by far the (second?) most powerful union in terms of economy, military, world influence and many many other things.
Even if you were living in 1990 (the year 1990 not the decade) you wouldn't be expecting the Soviet Union to collapse. Even the last minute before it's collapse it was the most powerful military engine in the world.

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