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Just a weird dream... Balls of Light and Injections, what fun!

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 06:00 AM
I can't recall all of it, however what I can is fairly strange. I was at some sort of compound type thing, a lot of people ages 18-25 or so. I remember it was night time, and I looked into the sky and I saw a red ball flying across with a smaller red ball in front of it, directly attached by a beam of light. the smaller ball then blasted ahead of the original and divided into 3 smaller ones. Everyone was asked to come inside. That much I remember here it begins to get fuzzy:

Inside it was a massive complex almost felt prison like but no bars, these people "ones in charge" began administering everyone with shots and the such, and I kept asking what is this for? Why are you doing this? I asked a woman, is this because of what was going on outside? You can tell me, she just looked at me and said she was doing her job, and she can't tell me the reasons why.

So I refuse to take the injection, so two huge neanderthals come towards me and one hits me with a taser, they throw me onto a hospital bed, stomach first and strap me down. The woman gives me a shot, soon as it goes in I black out and hit the pillow but I force myself awake only to feel so extremely groggy and eye lids so heavy. There are alarms going off but I can't do anything cause I'm strapped to this bed and drugged up.

Thats all I can remember. I know there was more but I woke up and went back to sleep and began a totally different dream.

I don't consider it a nightmare, I didn't feel afraid in that dream, it's just weird. I don't believe it truly meant anything other than I spend too much time here :p

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