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Non-fiction books

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posted on May, 21 2005 @ 06:33 PM
escaping into a writers world is nice . but I'm more interested in WTF is going on around me. in the REAL WORLD .

ever since I seen the Beatles special [ a few yrs back ] I got more interested in trying to understand what is going on in the world around me , cuz I was a Beatles fan , but I was CLUELESS as to what was going on with them [ other than dumb comments by my peer group ] and I think I would have appreciated things differently had I been really paying attention.

So I've been trying to play catchup on world events. even ,events which get a foggy report on the news and poof , it's gone. I'm interested in those as well.

In 2001 , I signed up for investment advice and my advisor had some interesting articles on his [secure ]website [ sorry, can't link ] about bubba , ron brown and related stories. after I read the ron brown and whitewater stories, I was apalled and hooked. I knew then and there, there was alot more to the mass media version than they were allowing out to the public.
there was no way for bubba to cover all that was done...he had lots of gov't [ insider club ] help. [ the NWO perhaps ? ]

this is not isolated , the media and the gov't are covering [ or discrediting sources ] up lots of info we should be aware of.
a new breed of brainwashed , addicted , lied to citizen is being created, while we are being fleeced of our wealth much to my amazement and others, and as we watch in horror , disbelieving what is happening right b4 our eyes.

a few books point in the direction of understanding what is happening to us and the rest of the world ;

dark alliance - gary webb [ I just started reading this . and 4 those who don't know, gary was "suicided"...] :shk:

once you understand the drug angle and the housing scam, it'll sink in as to how deep the DOODOO is that we are all in, and most don't even know it.

search this archive for "the myth of the rule of law"

another source same article;

related story ;

we're being drugged by our own gov't, and they're manipulating markets with the cash and ripped off of our wealth. I say giving away manufacturing to the enemy, is a bad hing for creating wealth for our citizens. we are being manipulated by the money whores....I guess it's the only way to pull off the NWO

sorry , It's really hard to have a book review/reco without commenting on it further , especially now.

other books of interest , I have on my , " to read" list ;

defrauding america - rodney stich

cointelpro papers - ward churchill

on 9/11

welcome to terrorland - daniel hopsicker [ God bless daniel hopsicker ]

dark past of gov't , including iran contra and mena

barry and the boys - daniel hopsicker

this also should be a TOP TEN SELLER but is not given its' due , by those in control...just like michael savage, who sells 100,000 books and doesn't make it to the NYTimes best sellers list ! WTF ?....more obvious manipulation by the whores

please comment good or bad...


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