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UFO Sightings increasing, getting more precise??

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posted on May, 20 2005 @ 07:24 AM
Seems like a lot of people are spotting the triangluar crafts in the sky, reports are getting more and more similar to each other in respect to this 'shape' alone and they are spotted all over the world at any time.

That could be due to people faking reports i guess but if not, what do you think this craft would be for if it was (for discussions sake) a legit Alien craft?

I was watching Discovery the other night and they had a documentary on about Earth, 100 million years from now. It was focusing on shifting continents and they speculated at some new dinosaur like animals that may exsist etc etc, but one thing that stood out was, they mentioned humans would have left Earth long ago and would probably send probes back to see how much the planet has changed.

The way they depicted the 'probes' was by showing a round craft hovering just outside the atmosphere, it opened up and let out around 20 glowing orbs that moved towards the Earth in a formation and then split up and went in different directions. They said these orbs would all have cameras in them that would beam back infomation to the 'mother ship' that stays out in space.

Got me thinking that a lot of sightings of late have been mostly either a) the Triangle shape moving slowly and silently or b) a group of 'orbs' that form formations and/or move around in seemingly random order.

Could this all be connected? Are these 'orbs' that are being spotted some sort of scout probe, while the Triagular crafts are more of a deep probe since they move slow and silent and usaually closer to the ground?

Seems to me like somethings coming to a head in the next few years, maybe the heavy sightings of late are due to a heavy recon mission by the Aliens gathering info before the big day comes?


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