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question about the Long Island ufo of 1989

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 07:42 PM
Does any have info on the 48 photo's taken by the family located in Center Noriches Long Island. LIUFON had the photo's last to do testing , facinating story.

here's a summary ;

The incident occured on the

Dune Area of Smith's Point Beach near the entrance to the Moriches


Military and Suffolk County Police Helicopters were involved in

an apparent attempt to monitor the craft on the Beach. A second

object estimated to be 574 feet to a thousand feet long was

observed hovering over the Bay. It was composed of six

tremendously large lights.

The helicopters (six involved) were composed of four military

helicopters and two Suffolk County Police Helicopters. These

helicopters surrounded the large object (commonly referred to as a

mother ship) in a circular rotation passing around this object in

a counter clockwise flight, the helicopters would then fly over

the second downed object in the dunes.

As this manuever was completed, the area would be illuminated

by the helicopters searchlights in an attempt to illuminate what

was on the ground.

Long Island UFO Network, Inc. has interviewed the eyewitnesses

to this event. The family lives in Center Noriches Long Island.

The husband, wife, and their adult son observed the large object

from their backyard in response to military helicopter overflights

of their home.

The husband and son drove to the Union Ave. dock and for two

and a half hours observed the operation.

The witnesses described the operation to LIUFON investigators'

under the provision their identities and address be held in the

strictest confidentiality.

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