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The Seven Trumpets

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posted on May, 15 2005 @ 10:53 AM
January 1st 2019

David Simons awoke to find his desk cluttered with holo-sheets of 2002NT7. The comet was a month away from impact and the department of homeland security, NASA and the European space agency were struggling to find a way to stop it. They had run hundreds of simulations involving nudging it, blowing it up and putting satellites on a collision course but the different agencies couldn’t agree on a method.

The comet had been spotted 17 years ago in 2002 and could hit the Earth on 1stFebuary of this year at a speed of 28km per second, as its about 2km in diameter it will cause widespread devastation.

He got out of bed yawning, stretched his arms and walked over to mirror. David saw a middle-aged man with blue eyes and a small dent above his nose staring back at him. He ran his hand over his dark brown hair where the first grey hair were appearing.
David looked at his clock, 10:00AM. After a quick shave and rushed breakfast he walked out of his $1 million Washington apartment. The cold winter morning hit his face like a cold shower in Antarctica.

He walked over to the apartment complex’s motor-select machine and inserted his identification card. The machine beeped twice as his car was selected from the underground car park facility and the car-space sized “trap door” opened as David’s vintage Porsche Boxter S ascended on the lift. The car was silver with black leather seats and a 0-60mph time of 5.7 seconds and 3.2 litre engine.

David opened the door and stepped in placing his leather briefcase on the opposite seat. He had made some modification to the cars interior, adding a GPS system, voice recognition module and A.D.A.M (Auto-Drive Assistant Master).

“Start Adam” David said using the Voice module. The car beeped and the A.D.A.M. screen lit up on the dashboard and a list of destinations popped up. HOME, WORK, NSA, ESA, MICHELLE, SIMON.
“work” David said yawning.

The engine started and the car down the streets of Washington D.C.. David looked across to white house as they passed Pensylvania avenue. Four Tupolev Tu60’s had been assigned to guard the airspace around the white house when, in 2007, a terrorist bomber plane had almost crashed into it, only to be shot down by an F-16 on the lawn.

The car slowed as it reached the gate of the Department of Homeland security. David inserted his identification card into the machine in the wall beside his car and the gates opened. The car drove onto the “trap door” and turned itself off. David got his briefcase and got out as the car descended into the underground car park.

The entire building had been reconstructed in 2013 at a cost of $40 billion. David walked to the main door, entered his access code and used the retinal scan before the door clicked open. He felt a wave of dread as he walked into the modern buildings hallway. All personnel had to work double shifts starting today since the comet was closing in on Earth we needed a way to stop it.

The hallway was cold and had marble floors and white walls. David started walking down the hall towards the titanium door at the end where he entered another code and opened the door. He stepped out into the foyer of the building. A huge dome in the middle was supported by white marble columns. At the centre of the floor there was the seal of the DHS and the words “Preserving our freedoms, protecting America ... we secure our homeland”.

David walked across the smooth black marble floor and into the new wing of the building that had been assigned to prevent the comet collision.

As David walked into the office, everyone was silently listening to the report on the 8 projection screens around the room. A young woman was at the news desk.

“This is Christine Jones reporting for CNN. A new report released to the public today clarifies the initial worries of the decline of trees and even major loss of grass. About 33% of all trees on the planet have been used up either for fuel or due to forest fires or logging. Also almost 80% of the grass on Earth is gone. To keep oxygen levels up the international governments are creating artificial grass and trees and have set up a program to create oxygen on a mass scale. I spoke to Peter Rothman of the environmental…..”

“Mr. Simmons?” David heard a voice next to him and turned to see his assistant Haley.

She was only eighteen with dark blonde hair. She was a junior researcher in human resources but had been reassigned when the threat of the comet became serious.

“Mr. Simmons, that report on the gravitational pull of the comet just came in, I put it on your desk.

“Thanks, Haley” Peter said and rushed off to his desk.

What do you think so far?

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posted on May, 16 2005 @ 03:21 PM
David scrambled down the crowded corridor, avoiding people rushing by with trays of coffee and their arms stacked with files and folders, until he reached the familiar surroundings of his office. He placed his finger on the small, silver print scanner on the wall and turned the brass doorknob.

His office was decorated with models of the early planes and a glass cabinet in the corner which housed his model car collection. He sat down and switched on his PC. The holographic keyboard turned on and David started pulling up his e-mail.

Subject: Loan repayment

Mr. Simmons,

The repayment of your recent loan has not been completed. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to settle this matter.

Yours Sincerely

John Wildman
Bank of America

David started thinking about asking for a raise when his phone rang. He hit speakerphone hoping it wouldn’t be John Wildman.

“David Simmons, Department of Homeland Security” he said closing his e-mail.

“Hello, this is Father Peter Martial” he spoke with soft French accent. “I’m calling from Rennes-le-Chateau in France, you may have heard of it?”

“Eh, no I haven’t” David said wondering why on earth a priest was calling him.

“Well, I understand you are one of the lead scientists on the asteroid project?”

“Yeah, that’s right” David said slowly, curious why a priest from a small rural village was interested in scientific projects.

“Yes, I have some very important information for you” he started to speak faster now, “My coins are about to run out but can you meet me tomorrow at 12:00AM at the “Rocket Diner” in the Washington mall?”

“Yeah, sure” David said.

“Great, I’ll see y-…” The phone went dead.

David knew it would just be some crazy talk about how it’s “a sign of God” but at least it would get him out of work.

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