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Here are my experiences...

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:38 AM
I've been reading these forums for a while now and just recently started to post. Most people here seem very open and sympathetic to people's stories so i thought i'd lay out a few strange experiences in my life to see what you guys think. I've never really shared these occurances before so i'd be interested in hearing from a people who seem to know more about these things than myself.

I'll try to go in a chronological order:

1. My Father had the first experience.
It was late 70's, before i was born and my brother was only a baby. My parents lived in a house about half way up a small hill and at that time there weren't many houses in that area so they had big views in every direction, today's it's quiet built up with houses and i live about 500metres from this house and know it well and the people that live there so i can see what my Dad said he saw.
My Dad was woken in the early hours just after midnight by the neighbourhood dogs barking and as he tells it, he didn't just fall back asleep because my parents bedroom wasn't dark as it should be. He went over to the window and said the whole estate as far as he could see was as bright as day as if the sun had been switched on. He said it lasted for about 10 secs then went back to a dark night as you'd expect as if someone had hit the off switch. The next day he said the neighbour across the street who's house was even higher up on this hill, thus having a better view, saw the same thing. Neither saw any objects or experienced anything else.
My Dad isn't one to let his imagination get the better of him so he's never tried to explain it and the story has never changed over the 25 years i've known him. He just says he was awoken by barking dogs and a light making the night as bright as day for about 10 secs from when he went to the window.

2. One of the earliest dreams i can remember having was when i was about 5 - 10, it re-occured a few times. It was always very very vivid. In this dream i was a grown man who was with a lady that i always assumed was my wife. We were up on a platform and in a line full of screaming people. There was always a level of shock when i had this dream because it was as if i'd just entered this body during this experience as i never could understand what was happening, yet everyone around me seemed to know what was going on and treated me like i had been with them the whole time. There were big uniformed men yelling at everyone and moving the line forward. When we got near the front i could see what was happening, these soldiers ( i assumed soldier because they had weapons and were in uniforms with boots and hats etc ), were forcing people off the edge of the plateform and into a pit of fire, to their deaths. I tried to find out what was happening from one of these soldiers and got knocked down just as my wife was thrown over the edge. Usually i'd wake at this point but occasionally i'd follow her in a panic and awake as i was falling.
I haven't had this dream for years, 15 years or there abouts and it's hard to explain here just how real it was, it wasn't a dream as much as it was an experience, in this dream I WAS THERE, i was a part of it, i wasn't watching it happen, i felt the heat from the pit, i heard the people screaming and shouting, i could smell an evil smell.
It wasn't until high school when we studied the holocaust did i have a basis for making sense of this dream. There were many things i read about the holocaust and what the Nazi's did to these people which made me think that my dream must of been due to seeing something like this as a kid. That's the most logical explanation but i just don't know. I've never had a dream so real before and being so young and having no idea about the holocaust at that point, i don't know how i could of had such a real experience purely in my mind? I'm not sure if what i was experiencing was something yet to come or if it was a 'past life experience' which is what it felt like.

3. I have a vivid memory of spending the night in hospital with my brother. He was about 10 - 12 in this memory which puts me at about 7 - 9. We had single beds which were about 2 feet apart. All i can remember today is waking up in the middle of the night in a dark big room and seeing my brother in a bed asleep next to me, i remember being totally calm the whole time which is probably because my brother was there also and didn't look stressed or hurt. I remember getting out of bed and talking to someone at the foot of my bed about why we were here, where were my parents and what's happening. I remember being told that we were just there for the night and would be home in the morning and to think of it like a sleep-over and that i should go back to sleep like my brother and that we weren't allowed to walk around. All i can remember is being spoken too, i have no idea of who was speaking but i know the voice was coming from someone there with me and not a speaker or anything but i have no image of a human doctor, my parents or alien telling me this, i just remember hands on my shoulder as i was led back to my bed.
I remember thinking it was a strange hospital because our beds were next to each other but there was no one else in this big room, there was a lot of space and it was dark (this i assumed was because it was night time).
Anyway, when i asked my mum off handedly a couple years ago why it was my brother and i spent the night in hospital she just looked at me and said, 'you've never spent the night in hospital, neither has your brother' with a look like, 'what the hell are you talking about?'.
That kind of spooked me and i left it at that. I haven't talked to my brother about it as i don't see him much and it's not really something i think a lot about.

4. When i was about 15 an out of state friend of mine was staying with my family for about a week. He was sleeping on a matress on the floor next to my bed.
I remember feeling what felt like a finger tapping my chest, being halfsleep and the room being pitch black i went to brush away this feeling with my right hand.
This is the strangest experience i've had that i can remember very clearly. When my hand brushed over my chest, i felt fingers mix with my hand for about 2 secs.
( To liken the feeling to what i felt, wiggle the fingers on both your hands and move them together so they hit each other randomly. )
The next series of events all happened within a couple seconds...
This made me yell out loud because i knew someone was in the room and touching me. When i yelled my right hand then felt like it was on it's own and no longer hitting other fingers, with my left hand i turned on the bedside light which had a switch right next to my bed so i could find it easily in the dark, i know it wasn't my own left hand taping my chest because i could feel fingers that weren't mine and my left hand was always free.
Just before i switched the light on, my friend in the bed on the floor next to me yelled out really loud ' OH WOW!!! '. That's when i hit the light.
I sat up in bed and there was no one there and my friend was fast asleep. I shook him and tried to wake him but he was out of it so i let him sleep and tried to get back to sleep myself.
The next morning i asked him if he remembered yelling 'OH WOW' and me turning on the light and trying to wake him, he had no recollection at all and said he slept like a log, no dreams or anything.

We always had 4 big shelves full of books in the houses we grew up in, (4 different houses in the same town, my Dad is a builder). My mum bought the book 'communion' at some point and that cover image has always given me the creeps, even as a kid when i'd look through the books. It has a really spooky but familiar vibe about it, like i knew that creature.

I finally got around to reading that book a few years ago and it was very creepy. I'm not one to get scared at horror movies and my friends always comment on how i never jump or get spooked in scary movies, but this cover image and the story in this book, freaks the hell out of me. I got my friends to read it and they thought it was stupid and not scary at all. There's always this thought in the back of my head like i've had some kind of experience with beings similar to those out of this book.

I have NO memories of seeing an alien and i have NEVER seen a UFO but there's been a few times in my life where things haven't quiet added up and i can't help but be drawn to that Communion image. It just feels like that's where the answer lies. As much as that image creeps me out, it feels very familiar and like in the book, it feels like a 'big brother' type figure that knows me better than i know it.

So there you go. All this is exactly how i can remember it and i'm not sure what else i could recall. If you want to ask questions then i'll answer them as best as i can but the in last 10 years, i haven't had any experiences that i can recall as being strange so these are old memories. It was as if once i started looking into ET's around 15 that these strange experiences i had as a kid, stopped happening.

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 02:30 PM
lol, man I think those were your friends fingers, and when you shouted you must of scared him, so he pretended he was asleep. You should probably confront him agian with this event.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 02:05 AM
I must say your detail is interesting.

In response to #2, It is possible that you have experienced a past life. Very cool, but I dont think I would wanted to live the Holocaust as a Jew going to the death chamber.

About the other things, I dont know if your experience has anything to do with alien intervention.

Story 3 indicates something of an alternate reality. Maybe you existed in both universes for a time, and they split, yet you recieved the memories of the other universe. I often think the the experience of Deja Vu is a change in the flow of the universe. I experience this sensation, and sometimes the feeling can be explained by me remembering back to something similar that happened earlier. Occassionally, I can think of a few instances where I catch myself stopping whatever I was doing and thinking that it has happened before, but I cant think where.

Anyway, finally something with some substance in this forum


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