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Finders, Keepers...

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 03:39 AM
Today, on the day after Ascension Day, I found a religious medallion lying on the sidewalk, at exactly 4:55 p.m. The time is also a coincidence since in my corner of the world Friday is the fifth day of the week. It's probably cheap, since it's very light, but with beautifully wrought bas reliefs on both sides --Jesus on one side, the Virgin Mary with Child on the other side-- and round, thick and coppery, and about one inch in diameter.

This finding reminded me of what someone at ATS said after the second Indonesia quake: that they could be termed "Christquakes" since they both happened on the day following an important Christian holiday associated with Jesus. The first one was on Dec. 26, the next one on the day after Resurrection Sunday (Easter Week, April). I asked whether that meant she was suggesting the next one would be on the day after the next big Christian holiday, Ascension Day...but nothing happened today. Maybe a sign that the next one will happen on the day after the NEXT holiday honoring some other event in the life of Jesus? That wouild be Pentecost (10 days after Ascension Day).

The odd thing is that I'm not a believer since both my parents were indifferent as regards religion and they never baptized us, but I was born on a Dec. 25th. I've never felt this to be of any significance. On that day, as on any other, zillions of people are born all over the Universe.

A crazy subject, maybe. You can hardly expect anything else from someone who's one of the few people posting at ATS who believe that the Devil religions mention is a symbol of the infamous race of Lizards that watches our every move from Etheria, the Invisible World. I don't believe I'm slipping into psychosis, or that I'm there already, but who am I to say it isn't possible.

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