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You Shall Not Pass!

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 12:00 AM
Now, I've always been able to move myself around in dreams, almost in a fluid like way. I can even lift myself from the ground and fly, first jumping off a wall or the ground and then making my way along various scenes.

No, I've never had trouble moving through the air or around objects, travelling through doorways and windows, etc... but on several occasions while dreaming, I've felt this truly horrible presence. It would never speak, and there were no physical images that I could pinpoint as coming such an entity, but somehow it was understood that I wasn't allowed to enter certain areas or pass through various objects.

One such event in particular took place within a 3 storey Condominium like building, there were multi-level floors connecting many many rooms, it seemed endless and weird, but that's how dreams are sometimes, right?

Well I was moving along the hallway of one room and when I tried opening a door that would allow me access to the next room, and that's when I felt this pervasive dark presence.

I thought, fine, I don't care and then proceeded to turn the doorknob.

Immediately I felt this huge force pushing me back, so I pushed forward and strained to turn the knob. The more I resisted, the harder it became to turn the knob, in fact very soon my body was lifted off the ground in a 90 degree turn in the air with my body horizontal with the floor. Eventually this powerful force flooded my entire body and being (spirit) and I had no recourse but to let go of the doorknob and finally found myself pushed halfway back across the hallway. I remember standing there and staring at the door, and could still feel this force, but it was softer more like a memory than anything physical I had encountered at that door.

Now, I've never since dreamt this, but have had similiar dream experiences involving a "dark and forbidding" like force.

I'm at a loss... Anyone experienced anything like this?

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