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"Ocean Conserve" Portal Launched

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 05:25 AM
"Ocean Conserve" Portal Launched
Newest Offering by Ecological Internet, Inc.

April 26, 2005
By Ecological Internet, Inc.
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry,,
+1 (608) 213-9224

MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA: Ecological Internet, Inc. [1] is pleased to
announce the "soft" launch of their newest environmental portal - "Ocean
Conserve" at This Ocean Conservation
Portal is a unique Internet search tool that provides access to reviewed
ocean conservation news and information.

"Given dramatic deterioration in ocean ecosystems worldwide - including
large dead zones bereft of life, massive over-fishing and rising sea
levels - we have decided to launch the Ocean Conserve site as soon as
possible," explains Dr. Glen Barry, noted conservation biologist and
environmental advocate.

Dr. Barry is President of Ecological Internet, the leading non-profit
organization specializing in the use of the Internet to achieve
conservation outcomes. Ocean Conserve is the latest offering from
Ecological Internet, whose four existing web sites [2] enjoy over 20,000
visitors a day and are growing by over 150% a year.

Ocean Conserve's content is substantially completed, and over coming
months this content will expand further and design work will be completed.
Ecological Internet seeks partners and sponsors for the new Ocean
Conserve Portal as well as their existing sites. A highly innovative new
Rainforest Portal is under construction as well, in partnership with the
Rainforest Foundations.


[1] Previously Ecological Internet, Inc. was known as, Inc.
Ecological Internet is a registered 501c3 organization whose
organizational web site can be found at

[2] Existing web sites by Ecological Internet include the Forest
Conservation Portal at ClimateArk at
Eco-Portal at
and WaterConserve at

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