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Marylin Monroe

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 12:43 PM
There's something that've always been curious about, and maybe board members can shed some light on the subject. It's about the death of 50's film actress Marilyn Monroe.

Conspiracy buff's say that she was murdered as a result of an affair with the Kennedy brothers. They'd blurted out state secrets, over the pillow, and so she had to go.

There is also the theory that her death wasn't the result of a conspiracy. Marylin, apparently, had the habit of 'faking' suicide attempts throughout her life. She'd take an over dose, just enough to get drowsy, and then phone what ever man she was involved with at the time, asking for help. He'd show up in time to find "Sleeping Beauty" apparently on the verge. Guilt and fear would give her power over the man. She had to 'act out' the rescue scenario, as a way of getting attention.

Now this sometimes happens in relationships: the women will either make a 'fake' attempt to giult trip a man, or she will put herself in peril situations, and expect to be rescued. The thing about Marylin's case is that shortly before she died, her psychiatrist had changed her sedative prescription, to a stronger dosage. The idea is that MM was unprepared for the more powerful meds, and took her usual handful. they caught up with her before she could see the game through. hence she died with the phone in her hand.

So what do you believe? Kennedy conspiracy, or an actresses melodrama?

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 05:00 PM
My family had direct connection to Marilyn. My great uncle was her photographer, Bernard of Hollywood. I honestly cannot believe that she was murdered for political reasons as you listed. It was known that both JFK and RFK were ladies men, yet their other conquests were never murdered/died.

I personally believe that it was really the times that killed her. Drug use was rampent and many actors died of drug use or alcohol poisoning.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 11:44 PM

Originally posted by this red engine
I personally believe that it was really the times that killed her. Drug use was rampent and many actors died of drug use or alcohol poisoning.

I think that’s a good summary, her life was a sordid mix of the above, sounds a tad Shakespearian, with the increase in meds and oblivious consumption.

Why was the strength of the meds increased? Insider/conspirator?

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 04:39 AM
"There was no suicide note, and she was found naked in bed
with no signs of violence, according to the police investigation" -

Personally i think she overdosed by accident, in an attemp to 'fake' suicide.

Either that or someone druged her for some purpose. If information had been 'leaked' to her, could someone have druged her to try and extract this from her? Just a thought. But there was no signs of physical harm on her body... hmmmmmmmmmmm or is that just what they SAID?

~*~*~ LoveForTheArts ~*~*~

posted on May, 8 2005 @ 05:33 AM
Several people said that they had seen a red notebook Marilyn had written all the stuff down in it that the two Kennedy brothers had told her. When someone recently done some work on her home after purchasing it they found where her home had been wired for surveillance. The red notebook was never found. She had apparently told friends that she was going to go public with the info in the red notebook. While she may have arrempted suicide before that does not neccesarily mean she did herself in, if I were going to kill someone and they had a history of suicide I would make it look like that too. See the links below for more info on Monroe's death. The first one is in 4 parts

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posted on May, 8 2005 @ 12:16 PM
There weer rumours that Robert Kennedy showed up at the aprtment after her death, and did some snooping around. That alone doesn't prove a conspiracy. She had been sleeping with the Kennedy Bros., and perhaps they wanted to make sure there wasn't anything scandalous left lying around the apartment. Their attempt to protect themselves made them look more invovled than they were. It's the 'disease of psychology'.

It probably was the times that killed her. A naive and confused young woman facing the perssures of stardom, and desperately seeking love and attention, she didn't care what sort of games she played to get it. Damsel in distress is one of the usual routines!

Marylin was a well know 'pill dependent'. Even in some of her movies she makes reference to the modern girl needing something to put her to sleep, and something to help her wake up. Of course it's usual for doctors to tinker with meds, if only to prove that they're doing something more than renewing the same prescription, to earn their $150+.

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