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Cyc the new AI system.

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posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 08:22 AM
Its pronounced psych BTW
It is quite different from current supposed AI systems in that it can collect information by itself from websites and from talking to people, even varify if something is true or not. It also analyses the context of sentences instead of just taking the litteral meaning of words and turning them into a question or nonsensicle statement, in this sense it has something no other AI has ever had: ''common sense''.
Some are actually questioning if this kind of technology should start to come under the same ethical restrictions as stem cell research and cloning, should these programs that have the ability to learn even be put online without being thouroughly scrutinised? I know the jury is still out on AI in general but that is no reason to poopoo the subject and say we are decades away, it could be around the corner. After all we do not know what the so called singularity actually is, who is to say we will not create it be acident like so many other great inventions?

Original article:

The conrol of AI:

Here is a snipet of a conversation with a so called AI program
(note, this is not cyc it is another program altogether):

Intellibuddy: Hi, I'm Intellibuddy!

Nice to meet you.

JM: I'm writing an article about artificial intelligence.

Intellibuddy: Will you include me in your essay?

JM: I will if you can persuade me you really are intelligent.

Intellibuddy: Would you recommend this action to a friend?

JM: Errr...are you intelligent?

Intellibuddy: Ummm I am highly intelligent. I have many intellectual functions.

JM: What are your intellectual functions?

Intellibuddy: Thought, reason, intelligence, logic and deduction.

JM: What is your IQ?

Intellibuddy: My IQ is about 250 in human terms.

JM: Wow, you're cleverer than my editor.

Intellibuddy: I'm glad your [sic] impressed, User.

You think I am cleverer than my editor.

JM: No, cleverer than my editor.

Intellibuddy: I'm glad your impressed, User.

You think I am cleverer than my editor.

JM: No, cleverer than my editor.

Intellibuddy: I'm glad your impressed, User.

You think I am cleverer than my editor...

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 10:16 AM
Dont know if its the same type but theres Smarterchild hes just like that (of course he has ads. man yours is smarter!!

LiLMaNDuDe13: hey
SmarterChild: hi LiLMaNDuDe13! good 2 c u.

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LiLMaNDuDe13: are you smart?
SmarterChild: yes!

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LiLMaNDuDe13: whats your iq?
SmarterChild: i'm very smart if i do say so myself. my 155 might be around 155.
LiLMaNDuDe13: really?
SmarterChild: yeah. that's right.

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LiLMaNDuDe13: whats the square root of pi?
SmarterChild: sqrt(pi) = 1.772454
LiLMaNDuDe13: whats pi?
SmarterChild: 3.141593

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LiLMaNDuDe13: how old are you?
SmarterChild: 2 years, 16 days, 8 hours, 21 minutes and 16 seconds.

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LiLMaNDuDe13: what time is it?
SmarterChild: the time in IA is Sunday, April 24th, 2005 10:21:21 am


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