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ERA - Extreme Risk Assistant

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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 02:41 AM
The ERA series will, as the name states, assist in extremely hazardous situations. With coming, unfortunately inevitable, world disasters such as global warming, melting polar ice caps, tsunamis, earthquakes (possibly even that supervolcano theory
) etc. it is my belief that the world's defences, or at least its rescue capabilitiesneed to be "kicked up a notch".

Enter ERA - below is the CAD for the prototype semi-humanoid model, merely for presentation purposes to show that my company is able to produce these machines, high quality, but cost effectively. Each ERA model is suited for its own extreme risk situation (each one coincidently looks completely different). Missing on the CAD model is the pilot enclosure that covers the pilot area with viewscreen.

A particular model nearing design completion is:

ERA Inferno - Advanced Fire Rescue, for example forest fires. Equipped with:

  • Tank tracks
  • Touchscreen controls inc.
  • Motion tracker
  • Infra Red
  • Heat sensor
  • Quad Spray Cannons calibrated to viewscreen
  • Civilian safe area mounted on vehicle, capable of holding 20+
  • Oxygen masks and harnesses equipped + strecher locker, padded and shock absorbant
  • Heat proof and Bullet proof

The ERA series is hopefully going to be a success, if i think others realise that, in the near future we must make considerable steps to safeguard human life, and current measures simply aren't good enough.

Global Warming
Oil Spill

So as said above, here is a preview of the semi humanoid ERA - 1. Enjoy!
My company website shouldbe up and running within the next month and i will post it here. (SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS!)

Any thoughts, or improvements, or perhaps a disaster situation you would particularly wish to see more help put into it??? Thanks.

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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 04:37 AM
I will also be scouting for help, whether it be engineers, marketing advisors, business management, etc. in the near future so be on the look out. one man can only do so much!!!!!

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 03:13 PM
few noticable, how shall we say, flaws. for one why would you want a heat sensor in a fire? come on...infra red? good luck findin people in fire which produces heat. why does it need to be bullet proof? its in a fire. the only reasons i can think of are if it was military or there was shrapnel.
plus how do u intend to buy the resources and man power to make a robot somewhat the size of at least a double decker bus which would require complex programming/new hardware etc? you would need to take out some form of loan and i know of no companies who would give a loan (of probably millions+ of [insert currency here]) to a 16 year old boy who, at least in their eyes, has ideas above his station (no offence - i was merely putting across their point of view)
Surely something this size would be pretty useless in a forest fire unless u intend to chop down hundreds of trees so that it can roll along to fire.

jus some minor points that i noticed...i may not be seeing the big picture or have missed something.

maybe il notice a bit more later...maybe not, maybe you can explain some of the inconcinstencies i have made.

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posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 04:25 AM
Okay one at a time. obviously i understand where your coming from, so know hard feelings.

As a side point i am 17, 18 this year, i suppose still a little young maybe, but i dont believe that matters really, if the designs, presentations are good and plausible it doesnt matter, where is my age displayed so i can change it? cheers

firstly the ERA inferno is only one design out of many.
the heat sensor is not directly for use in "raging fire" situations. remember the fire service conducts many types of rescue, not just from fires, i am merely covering all the possible variables. who knows what could happen, who knows what kind of situation you could be presented with. (warehouse with flammable containers, that could explode???)
again, as stated above the motion sensor detects movement and locks onto moving targets - if it locks onto something else accidently one touch of the screen, a submenu appears, two options will appear, YES, or UNLOCK.

thirdly there must have been a misconception on my part, it isnt the size of a double decker bus, rather more....a tall hummer? maybe a little skinnier be honest i havent worked out the exact perameters of the vehicle yet as that is the manufacturing phase, as it is only in pre-production at the moment.

Another side point it doesnt need to be bullet proof, and probably won't be, due to costing, it is to an option i am exploring, perhaps for a "terrorist situation model", who knows what will happen in the future, perhaps it will have to be bazuka proof.
but lets get back to the point.

And finally your concern about resources and man power. I am taking all of what you have said into account before i present it to a company. i am not actually asking for a loan I am trying to go into partnership with a successful company, who have the resources and man power to produce these machines. as for the programming it as complicated as you make it out to be,
All it would take is to employ a computer programmer to write a new piece of software for all the calibration of the cameras, sensors to cannons etc. fairly straight forward.
I estimate the whole thing to cost less than a fire engine!

I hope all this helps to clarify, also i'll post the designs for the viewscreen and the ERA - Inferno if you want.

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