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Neighborhood UFO

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posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 12:01 AM
This is a true event that I feel compelled to share and at the same time I feel that its useless to tell it. So here goes anyway.

It was early March in 2001. My daughter and her husband were staying at our house temporarily. I had been hearing a humming sound almost every night after going to bed, when everything is pretty quiet anyway. Bedtime for us is 3am because we all work an evening shift. The hum would start right after I would go to bed and get all quiet, it would at first sound like a distant car coming near and then sound like a slowly throbbing hum. I thought it curious but it didn't get my full interest until my daughter asked me one day if I had heard a hum at night. She said she thought it was a UFO, I was sure that it was related to the New Mexico hum, just something that just 'was'. After several days of trying to find something on the internet about planet hums we decided to just stay up and watch and see if there was something to it.

So that night my daugthter, her husband, my husband and I all sat in the living room, lights off and just listened for the hum. It didn't take long before we heard it. It was real soft and hard to hear but we could tell it was coming nearer (and of all things we were watching the street, not the sky). Within a few moments the hum suddenly turned into the sound of an airplane, one of those single engine types, and we sighed figuring we would have to wait until the airplane passed over before we could resume finding the source of the hum. Well, the airplane was taking a really long time to go over, in fact it seemed to just hover! I went to the kitchen and looked out the window and up toward the sound of the airplane and sure enough, there was a single white light and two white lights behind it which looked to be a small airplane and it was just circling right over the top of my house! It was strange to see an airplane doing that and even stranger is the fact that about every airplane I have seen has at least a red or green light on it, not 3 white ones. Just odd I thought. Well, that airplane just kept circling and circling, really weird. Then my son-in-law went to the back of the house and opened the back door to take a look and just then the airplane wasn't an airplane anymore but an oval shaped craft that had a bunch of flashing lights all over it, it was amazing!!!!
And then it slowly drifted along the fence line to the neighborhood behind us and dropped down into the neighborhood.

I was unbelievably excited, I had never in my entire life ever seen such a thing, it was amazing!! Anyway, we kept watching for it to rise up again but instead after about 20 minutes we saw a slowly strobing red light start coming directly for my house. As we watched it it suddenly made a 90 degree turn and head east of my house, all the lights on it came on again and were flashing excitedly and it quickly moved to the side street and landed in the yard of a neighboring house. To this day I wish I had walked over there or at least near, but for some reason we didn't leave the yard. We waited for quite some time to see it lift up again but didn't see it, I don't know how it left that house but the sun began coming up as it was around 5:30 by then.

I came to a few conclusions regarding that incident. First, they can mimic airplanes if needed. Second, they know where you are in your home ( I guess infrared makes that obvious) and third, everyone goes about their normal day unaware of what goes on under cover of night...not knowing if they are being taken against their knowledge by unknowns while they sleep. It made me see the world as very vulnerable. And I wanted so badly to share what I had seen with everyone that I saw and everyone that I worked with but you can't go around telling this sort of thing to everyone. I still have a hard time sharing this. There is a lot more but I'll let this digest first. By the way, I did report this to Peter Davenport, who brushed me off. I guess that people that see a passing odd light is more worth his attention.

Thoughts? Questions?

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 12:17 AM
Its my opinion that many UFO reports stem from concerted efforts by whatever is piloting them to bring themselves to the attention of the witness/witnesses. Some aren't random encounters of a human just happening to see a UFO but rather a UFO going out of its way for you to see it and perhaps cause you to think differently about the world you live in. Since the majority of sightings of UFOs are just that, a UFO sighting and not a report about an abduction attempt, then IMO, it does mean these things come here with the intention of getting seen without any other motive. Perhaps even making daily trips until that mission is accomplished.

As they say, seeing is believing. Most people would not think for one minute to believe in this subject without seeing a UFO for themselves. So what took place with you could very well be part of some planned operation to get humans accustomed to the existence of these quite paranormal things.

[edit on 21-4-2005 by Frith]

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 12:41 AM
This is awesome!

Scary too in its own right. I remember hearing this hum... like you explained, one night laying in my bed... It then began to pulsate and get louder.. It was faint at first, and I only heard it when I put my head on the pillow.... I should have looked up into the sky... well anyway.. I cant wait to hear the rest of this!

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 02:26 AM
Well just a few questions.

This was March 2001? Have you heard or seen it again since then?
How fast was it moving? How big was it?
Did you see it leave the vicinity?
Did you take any pictures?
Any chance it was an RC helicopter or something?

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 02:07 AM
What insight Frith! I can add more now. I do think that they intend to be seen. I mean, they can certainly be invisible and why the heck do they need lights at night? Only for us to see them! Anyway, the rest of the story...
I live in Tacoma and at that time I worked in Auburn which is about half-way to Seattle. I worked a swing-shift, my daughter worked there also and my husband worked a swing shift in that same direction so we all rode to work and home together. The drive takes us down I-5 through a valley area (Fife) and Tacoma is situated on the hills overlooking the bay. Riding home on the freeway you can see the hills and lights of Tacoma and the hill-side that takes us to our home from the valley floor. On our way home several weeks after the 'craft' incident, we saw a small airplane just gliding around the hill area of Tacoma in the general vacinity of our way up to our neighborhood. We watched it and thought it really odd, soon we exited onto our off-ramp and onto the roadway towards our home. It is probably around 4 miles up McKinley to get to our street and wouldn't you know...that airplance was tailing us..I mean that it was flying really low and we could watch it following us all the way to our house where it flew ahead of us, over our house and I could clearly see it, a gray cessna-type airplane. Low and circling over our street. It was the oddest thing! it just circled round and round for 3 hours before flying off. That was the first of the mysterious planes. Every year now I have watched an airplane circle right over my house for 30 minutes to several hours. At least 2 or 3 times every year. If they are here in the daylight the plane is just plain gray. At night now, the sound is the same but the lights are always slowly strobing and now quite right. I am not an aviation expert or even very knowledgeable about them but I see lots and lots of airplanes every single day. I live right near McChord Air Force Base and right in the landing path for Boeing Field and Sea-Tac Air Port as well as lots of small air fields, so there is lots of airplanes, but I know if the lights are not right at all and I know that it is weird that a plane just winds circles right over my house. The most recent was last Saturday, I was sitting at my computer when I heard the airplane come over, it circled for a half-hour. It had 2 brightly strobing white lights in front, and 2 slowly strobing red lights on the left side so that when it went around as it came over you saw only white strobing lights and then as it went around the back-side all you could see was 2 red side-by-side strobing lights. It was strange. A while back I watched a helicopter circling for about 20 minutes back behind my home which only had green lights on it, nothing else, just green.

I just think it the strangest thing. Do you think that UFOs can disguise themselves? Why would they circle me/my neighborhood? Any thought? I personally think that there is a deeper mystery here. Maybe abductees have aircraft in their lives but no one notices them because we are so de-sensitized to airplane sounds and lights.
Has this been happening to anyone else here?

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