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Does/could a complex graph structure act as a transdimensional antenna?

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posted on Apr, 16 2005 @ 04:57 PM
thought from deep space . . .

By having varied lengths and spans, could you build a structure that caught any number of various resonances as things in other dimensions caused waves and ripples?

I have always pondered that all ideas travel as thought waves across the Universe. When an idea/thought (wave pattern) hits another neural network that is sensitive to it it responds. If it is configured very similarly to the source's configuration a very similar or even the same idea could be transfered.

If the configuration is different [which seem more likely] it might not come up with the same idea, but some other cogent idea would occur to the receiver.

This is sort of like the idea that the are 10,000 graph problems that all are translatable to one another. (P=?NP)

Made me think perhaps the complex networks of our brains act as transdimensional antenna.

Think of the 4D time-space Universe as the island of the tonal and the 20(?) additional dimensions as the underlying foundation that extends (floats?) in the ocean of infinite dimensions. By casting a net into the infinite dimesions you might be able to do some fishing for ideas (things?).

Maybe that is what we do anyway.

Human Brains, according to Ramachandran, are asymetric, while animal brains are symetric. [I would have to see evidence to be convinced of this] In any event our brains have complex neural networks and perhaps some of what they do is fish the infinite dimesions for ideas, thoughts, feelings, motivations as subtle wave patterns of a certain scale.

I was thinking if you had some kind of structure that extended into space, as complex and varied as possible would it be able to pick up a certain amount of resonance as something in some other dimension passed through it in some direction.

Initially it would simply work as letting you know something passed there, but techniques might be developed to discern more information by combining dual resonances.

A net for reading wave patterns/ripples from other dimesions.
If we could learn to filter it to get only mental patterns you might get some ideas.

I guess the thing that would/might be a problem is that complex networks are almost numerically too complex for analysis.

But if you could grab a set of resonances that had the same time span or frequencies or both they could be selectively looked at (analyzed as a subset) which might be managable.

*basking in the sun on the shore of the tonal isle* 'care to join me?'

*string tied to big toe leading to the transdimensional ocean* (energy efficent fishing)

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posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 06:05 PM
Flash Insight!
If i ride my bicycle at a slowly accelerating rate with my transdimensional antenna [bent coathanges helmet] I can transect a broader range of frequencies.

*strapping on helmet*

*giving final adjustment tweaks to newest coathangers*

*putting notepad and pencil in 'pocket protectored' pocket for recording data*

*attaching speed sensor module* (playing card in spokes)

*leaving message with cats where i am going and when my expected return is*

"If i don't make it back kitties, the house is yours, don't gorge yourselves on kitty food and make yourselves sick, k?"

*getting that 'no clue' look from the cats*

On a more serious note:
resonance requires parallel structures doesn't it? Like a tunning fork.

maybe with random (slowly moving/rotating) spans and planes of orientation of parallel wires/fibers. that might optimize the [probably unlikely] that you would capture some particular wave action in some hypothetical transdimensional fluid medium.

The lighter and more delicate the structure was the more sensitive it would be to subtle actions.

It might be good to filter the input like they do with neutrino sensors built miles under mountains.

posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 03:21 AM
Clearly i think what you are trying to explain is above what many of us can understand - either that or you need a couple more minutes in the oven because your only half cooked.

What the heck are you on about?

Can you give us some background links or more info?

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