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PO and US increase in military spending.

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posted on Apr, 12 2005 @ 12:35 PM
As every day passes by we get ever closer to peak oil, it could be 5 years or it could be 40 but one thing is certain and that is it will happen someday.
The pursuit of happiness is written in the constitution,every American is entitled to live a life of their choosing, now on the face of it that sounds very reasonable doesnt it? The only way that this state of ''hapiness'' can be preserved is through the use of vast amounts of energy, most of this energy comes from oil which comes from the middle east which comes from unstable dictatorships.
So how far is the US prepared to go for this oil? some may argue that Iraq and Afghanistan were the first steps on a road to taking over the middle east purely to exploit its only natural resource. Now in a time when the trade deficit is so high yet so is military spending for the supposed war on terror one has to wonder why, either terrorists are building a huge army or some other threat has already been forseen.
I believe the current military build up could be because they know that in the near future if u want oil it will have to be fought for. I know that America has its own oil but a lot of it is expensive to extract and it could be better used to power the war machine as opposed to the cost of using it for the general public.
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