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Help: Science Writers Wanted for ATSNN Submissions

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posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 09:02 AM
There's some VERY interesting world-changing stuff going on in science and medicine. I can't write it - I have been sick, plus I'm moving and just can't post much. Here are a few stories that need to be written IMO. ...Most of the links need free registration to Biomed Central Open Access Journals - 1 or 2 need more research.. Hope someone is interested. ...If you are, maybe just post here what you're picking up.

Thanks, sofi

1. Scientists protest Texaco statement

"Fifty scientists have submitted a letter to an epidemiology journal protesting a February statement from six scientists acting as consultants to ChevronTexaco that refuted recent peer-reviewed studies showing negative health effects of oil production activities in the Amazon. ...Scientists are "finally saying how fed up they're getting with the corporate consultants," he told The Scientist."


"Experts say health studies promoted by lawyers and activists are flawed, biased and inconclusive," Texaco press release, February 2, 2005. 2005-02-02_health_news.asp


Boston University

A. McCook, "IBM data seeing light of day," The Scientist, December 20, 2004.

International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

AK Hurtig et al., "Geographical differences in cancer incidence in the Amazon basin of Ecuador in relation to residence near oil fields," Int J Epidemiol, 31:1021-7, October 2002.
[PubMed Abstract]

M. San Sebastian et al, "Exposures and cancer incidence near oil fields in the Amazon basin of Ecuador," Occup Environ Med, 58:5127-22, August 2001.
[PubMed Abstract]

M. San Sebastian et al., "Health of women living near oil wells and oil production stations in the Amazon region of Ecuador," Rev Panam Salud Publica, 9:375-84, June 2001.
[PubMed Abstract]

M. San Sebastian et al., "Outcomes of pregnancy among women living in the proximity of oil fields in the Amazon basin of Ecuador," Int J Occup Environ Health, 8:213-9, Oct–Dec 2002.
[PubMed Abstract]

Anna-Karin Hurtig

Laura Green


2. FDA approves hybrid protein-nanoparticle anticancer drug


3. Microbiologists Criticize NIH: Say Funding Priorities are Skewed Against Basic Science


J.D. Miller, "Scientists: too much $$ for bioterror," The Scientist, March 1, 2005.

Richard H. Ebright right.shtml

Michael Yarmolinsky

Michael M. Gottesman ia/pds/gottesman/gottesman1.html

Stanley Maloy

Robert C. Landick

"First person: Anthony S. Fauci," The Scientist, May 5, 2003.

"Open letter in Science regarding NIH biodefense funding: questions and Answers," NIAID press release, March 17, 2005.


4. A Non-DNA Pathway for Genetic Transmission
Also: Re: Genetic Instability


5. Stem cells without embryos?

"New methods of generating pluripotent cells may placate critics, but may not work, say scientists"

On ATSNN: Sick Dog Gets $45,000 Stem Cell Transplant


6. Science and Social Responsibility: Nonprofit drug-development partnership seeks to cure the ills of developing nations


7. Life science offshoring is increasing; what it means for jobs is still unclear

"Since the New York City life science technology-consulting firm Intrasphere Technologies opened an office in India, Samuel Goldman, cofounder and chief technology officer, says he works fairly bizarre hours, scheduling 6:00 A.M. meetings on a "regular basis." From the looks of it, more and more scientists should brace themselves for strange commutes, middle-of-the-night E-mails, and videoconferences with coworkers. That's right: It appears that offshoring has arrived."

posted on Apr, 10 2005 @ 11:26 AM
Wow, Sofi!! That's nice of you to just give away stories like that

I have also noticed a void in the sci/tech section of ATSNN and have tried to step up a little. Though, I think most members are more interested in political news (and I need to work on my writing skills). I have access to tons of electronic journals thanks to being a university undergrad. However, I shy away from using them for two reasons, 1) they don't always feature "breaking" news, and 2) not all members will have access to the journals and won't be able to check the sources.

Also, the texaco link was a little messed up and I fixed it for anyone interested here.


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