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Galactic Federation of Planets

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 06:27 PM
If there is a GFP then there are some serious issues.

1. The GFP would probably have some kind of intergalactic law just like we have international law. There would probably be treaties and alliances and all the same sort of "agreements" just like the kind that we have on a planetary level with other nations; except it would be entire civilizations on a galactic level.

2. I am sure that they would have laws that appertain to interactions with "developing" worlds... just like we have laws that limit the "interactions" of "civilized society" with "primitive cultures"; like the primitives in the amazon.

3. The problem with this is: abductions and the motivations for the abductions. Most abductees do not like to be abducted.

4. So why do the aliens appear to interfering with our civilization?

5. Is it against intergalactic law? Are their "expections" allowed for research? Tagging of indigenous life forms? Monitoring of various life forms?

6. If there is a GFP then they are allowing the interference in our civilization to occurr or they are powerless to prevent it and enforce any laws that prohibit that interference.


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