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NEWS: Hostage Reunited With Family In Oklahoma

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 08:19 PM
After being missing for 10 years, Bobbi Parker has been reunited with her family. After being kidnapped by a convicted killer a decade ago she came home and thanked the people for the prayers and help given. Her husband Randy Parker who is now a warden at William S. Key Correctional Center was the assistant warden at Oklahoma State Reformatory. Randolph Dial who is now 60, was captured in eastern Texas, with Bobbi being found moments later.
FORT SUPPLY, Okla. Apr 7, 2005 — The prison warden's wife who vanished along with a convicted killer a decade ago returned to Oklahoma with her husband and was reunited with her daughters Thursday, a spokesman said.

Randy Parker, now warden at the William S. Key Correctional Center at Fort Supply, and his wife, Bobbi Parker, returned home about 1 a.m., said corrections department spokesman Jerry Massie.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

After 10 years it is amazing she is still alive. Randolph Dial was a convicted killer, and yet he kept her alive all these years. How it must feel to see her children 10 years older then the last time she saw them. How it must feel to be a husband reunited with your wife, the mother of your children, after 10 years. One would think that the family would have lost hope, and that the husband would have moved on, but he didn't.

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