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Florida Gun Laws Creating New Wild West

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 12:42 PM
Well, it's bound to happen, this time. Yeah, when Florida passed laws allowing people to own guns, everyone said it was going to be just like the wild west. When Florida passed a conceal carry law, everyone was saying it was going to be just like the wild west. When the ban on assault weapons expired, everyone said it would be just like the wild west. However, this time, they really mean it.

So just ignore that whole "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story, the new legislation letting you use force instead of trying to outrun a bullet flying at you will definately turn Florida into the wild west. After all, how intollerant are we these days? Those criminals are people, too, and they need money for their drugs. How dare you say, "No, this is my money". You selfish cowboys.

Don't let Jeb pass any self defense laws. We all should allow the criminals to have whatever they want. It's the socially acceptable way to do things; they have needs, too.

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 12:57 PM
LOL! I hear ya.

A few years ago, I was having breakfast at a Denny's (I think I might have been in Kansas City, but I'm not sure) when I read an article describing the city's intention of allowing citizens to purchase carrying permits.
As I was groaning and muttering about how stupid the city government was, the waitress walked up to give me more coffee and agreed that they were stupid, but then she went on to say that the idea to allow the citizenry the right to keep and bear would only invite chaos in the streets. Obviously, that was not my position, but the exact reverse of my opinion. She seemed unbelieving when I told her that my entire state believed that one has the right to keep and bear arms, and that the only time a permit is required is when you intend to conceal it. If she, and the rest of the cowardly whimps of the country were right, there'd be barely anyone left in the great and fine state of Alabama!

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 01:25 PM
I'm curious as to how all the doom and gloom politics that have been taking place pan out. Will people just be delusional and forget it was ever said when it doesn't come to pass (or does, case in point Social Security), will they somehow see the horrible situations they predicted despite the evidence, move on, or admit they were wrong (
). My guess is it will be similar to what Kerry did with the Iraq elections. He came out and said that, obviously, Bush followed his plan (you know, the one that was unavailable through the election) and that's why the elections worked out.

Remember: If a Republican comes up with a plan and it works out, it was either through Democrat influence or they're just spinning all the media to make it look good. If a Democrat comes up with the same idea and it works out, it's because they're enlightened and so far above any other human in their intelligence and understanding of sociology.

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 01:38 PM
With the declining youth population in Florida which has the highest propensity towards crime (15 to 24 year olds) coupled with the highest elderly rate of the nation which are the lowest percentage-wise in propensity for crime committing, I don't expect Florida to have too much bullet spraying. Societal conditions of population age changes have already lowered the crime rate for the state and I expect this trend to continue. Which really makes this law superfluous other than to sate some gun owners.

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posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 01:43 PM
In Texas (YeeHaa!) you need a concealed handgun permit to posses a hand gun, unless you are traveling and have to cross into another county. Then it's legal as long as you don't conceal it. Funny you don't need a permit to buy one.

Rifles on the other hand are a free-for-all. No permit needed to buy, own, or posses one of these things. Still I can't say I remember the last time I saw someone carrying one around.

I believe you are allowed to use deadly force if someone is stealing your property at night. Believe me I would have loved to been hanging out with a rifle near my car when some bozo broke the window, ripped the radio out, and ripped out the ignition wiring trying to steal it. But then again I'm sure he/she was a victim of society and deserved my stuff.

posted on Apr, 7 2005 @ 01:50 PM
you know personaly i would like that type of ruleing. but there would have to be limmits. like that guy being big and scary does not mean you get to shoot him unless he actively attacks you. heck i'm all for a change in the rules where i live, it is my understanding that i can defend myself only with a lesser weapon. ok so i have to carry an arsenal and when attacked say "excuse me exactly how big is your knife i have to use a shorter one".

just like the rights criminals have need to be changed. if someone breaks into your house, trips on a table and breaks their leg they can sue. in all honesty if they are tresspassing why should i be held libel. so mabe i just can't kill them on purpose but if they are tresspassing and get hurt that is their problem not yours. they chose to risk their life by going in. you certainly did not force them. our laws need to protect the innocent not the criminals.

posted on Apr, 9 2005 @ 10:44 PM
So when that soccer mom takes your parking space down at Florida Mall and you wind down your window to let her have a piece of your mind, it will be her word against your brains now decorating the interior of your car as she explains in court that she was in fear for hers and her children's lives. Forget whether she was right or wrong, you are dead.

Will also be interesting to see how the Latin Kings or 10th Street Thugs, make use of their new found freedoms. I'm sure a defence like "Puto was lookin' at mah beetch all funny like" will not stand in court, but I guess it won't make much difference as you'll be lying down in a morgue.

Is it really that bad in America/Florida? Doesn't seem like a very friendly holiday destination.

posted on Apr, 11 2005 @ 08:49 AM
I love how some carry permits work in many states

For instance you can use the PA one in Florida. Thus, anytime I am driving south down I95, I can carry as "I am on my way to Florida"

Actually I was just in an debate over gun ownership and crime rates. England now has DOUBLE the violent crime rate of the US. So much for getting rid of all those nasty guns solving everything.

posted on Apr, 11 2005 @ 04:28 PM
Damn it..... be right back, gonna go to an old post and paste it here, it explains all this guns are evil use mind control to make people commit crimes bs.

Here it is.

Ok, I know, guns bad, guns evil, guns kill, but really, what is the arguement of the "guns have evil mind powers that make people go out and kill people"? I don't get the whole banning guns or gun control, for only people who obey the law follow them, but the whole point of being a criminal is because you are breaking the law, if you weren't, you wouldn't be a criminal. So, the gun grabbers need to learn some things.

A good parody of the gun grabbers mentality is brought out in the famous political cartoon written by Bill Mauldin in a 1981 Sun-Times where cavemen are fighting with rocks, and the way to stop the fighting? Ban rocks. But does it work? No. Another one by ame man and same year in same paper is a shelf with the word Placebos on it. Under it? Gun Laws. Prostitution Laws. Drug Laws. Gambling Laws. Then there is a pharmicist telling a customer "It doesn't work but it sure sells." In other words, you can have the laws, but like a placebo, they don't work.

A group of pro-Second Amendment people did a campaign where they gavce out signs to people who supported gun control laws. The sign? "This is a Gun Free Home. An invitation to assault, rape, rob and murder."

Now, I am not sure, but instead of controlling guns how about we try and control criminals? I never gave a gun an IQ test but I don't think it is smart enough to pull its trigger. Again, Bill Mauldin in 1982 this time has a political cartoon where two criminals are laughing at the gun grabbers as they lynch a gun instead of the criminals. Or newer, with the Brady Bill by Chuck Asay, a woman lays on the floor dead while the phone is knocked done, who is talking on the phone? Gun store. "Mrs. Jones? Your 5 day waiting period is over." In real life you have Phillip Russel Coleman, he was killed 3 days before his permit was approved. He was 42 years old, no criminal record, no drug use, nothing, but 5 day waiting period anyways. Well, never mind, he dead.

Another political cartoon, Raymond Sanford, has a gun in jail while the criminals walk free. "I sure am glad he is taking the rap instead of us." WHich according to gun grabbers make sense, guns are bad, guns are evil, guns kill people, not people.

Of course, who are some of these anti-gun people? Well, you have Carl Rowan. Washington Post columist, a strong supporter on everything anti-gun. But one night on June 14 1988 what did he do? He shot a kid who was swimming in his pool, with an unregistered gun. Mr. Guns are evil had an unregistered gun that he shot a kid with. Sure, the kid was swimming in his pool, tresspassing, but still, shot the kid, Mr. Guns are evil shot someone, when earlier that week he criticized someone who shot three criminals. Not kids swimming in a pool, but burglars and killers.

Who else is anti-gun/gun grabber? Jennifer O'Neil. She also does anything to ban guns/support gun laws. But what did she do? Shot herself in the stomach with a gun, a gun she owned, unregistered. She was cleaning it and it went off. Why did she own it? Protection. With body guards, fence, attck dogs, and a top of the line security system she needed a gun for protection. Kind of like how Bush needs a gun when he is in the white house.(sarcasm)

Who else is anti-gun? Diane Feinstein. Got a gun law passed in San Fran banning handguns. Oops, she also owns a gun, a hand gun, but this one is registered. Of course, she could have gotten tougher sentences for criminals, which would make sense, but no, banning hand guns costs more and pisses everyone off so lets do that. Of course, people still own guns cause the police don't search all the houses. The DA even said he wouldn't even charge anyone who violated the new ban. Since only 12 of the estimated 3,100 guns were turned in during the "turn in your gun no questions asked" it is probably likely that the people like their guns."

Of course you have Bill Clinton, gun bans, gun laws, so forth. But again, gun LAWS are only followed by people who OBEY THE LAW! The criminals don't obey the laws, and so a gun ban/law is like making murder or robbery a crime, still happens, only criminals do it. BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS! Gee, go figure. Don't know who did it, but a great political cartoon is a car driving down the road with two criminals. "We'll hit the liquer store on 49th then shoot up the Quik Mart then maybe look for a few hostages, but first lets go register our guns." Not going to happen.....

In 1977 D.C. passed some of the toughest gun control laws. In 1984 the D.C. homicide rate had gone UP by 30%, while the robbery went up by 62%. The District Chief of Police even said. "I don't think Gun Control Laws work." There are over 22,000 gun laws in the country, no evidence they work. This is like running a pass play in football 22,000 times and never completing the pass, then go on tv and say the play works, it is the greatest thing man has invented, and that the play is god. In other words, doesn't make sense. In D.C. less than 1% of the guns taken from criminals are legally registered. So it looks like registering guns doesn't work, does it? Also, why does the media and gun grabbers tell you that all guns are bad and only kill little kids and babies and kittens and puppies when these real life hand gun owners prove other wise?

New York City, Cabbie shoots robber.
Baltimore, woman stops a holdup just by taking pistol out.
Retired electrician who shot to vandals after they stabbed him 25 times.
Chicago, woman stops a knife weilding RAPIST.

Gee, look at those evil guns, those vandals and rapists and theifs and murderers should have been allowed to do what they wanted, evil guns.

Ok, its the police jo to protect you. Guess what? Police can't be everywhere. A good PC(political cartoon) is of a woman saying how she rusts the police, but then is buying two guns for protection.

Also, whenever a gun bill is brought up, what happens? People rush out nd buy the gun before the bill goes into affect. Just the mention of Clintons Crime Bill sent thousands of people out to buy the guns that were to be banned. At Don's Weaponry in Little Rock says..."Honest citizens are buying my guns. Criminals are going to get them off the street. The Brady Bill doesn't afffect them at all. It only hurts the good guys." Another PC is of two robbers outside a house. "I wish they'd pass those gun laws, I almost don't feel safe breaking into houses anymore."

Ok, so what about gun buyback programs? Well, again, honest citizens turn in old guns they probably been trying to get rid of. Also, in some places, the guns are taken and sold back, usually for a profit. Again, a PC, a guy is dead, a criminal walks off with money, the gun is in handcuffs as the cop reads it it's rights....... stupid, but hey, I don't think like a gun grabber. Of course, they still defend the program even though it does nothing but take guns from Honest citizens. Hell, one gun grabber said this. "To me, anything we get off the street is significant. We are preventing someone stealing a gun out of a home during a burglary." Wait, so a criminal can't steal your lawful gun? WTF?!? This doesn't make sense, turn in your gun so a criminal doesn't break into your house and steal it as he takes your tv and your DvD player. Oh yes, perfect sense. Also, the turn ins are always no questions asked, meaning I take a gun, kill 50 people, turn it in for 50 dollars, they melt it down, I never have to worry about the murder weapon being found. Or in Conneticut, they did this, and guess what? The taxpayers had to bail them out when they went in the hole for 280,000 dollars. Yep, my money, your money, to help a state that lost money so they could buy the Honest citizens gun. Now I am not maiing this up I swear on the ATS and PTS and BTS slogan that this is true. In Nebraska, they expanded the gun buy back to TOY GUNS! So little Tommy has a squirt gun, he can sell it! Cause we all know those bad ass criminaols carrying squirt guns are a danger. Great PC, the politically correct western. Guy has a gun, the gun grabber has nothing. WHat does he do? "I find your behavoir reprehensible but I will not fight violence with violence, but rather, attempt to rehabilitate you with compassion and understanding while lobbying that much harder for stricter gun control." Guess what? Dead cowboy. Another PC done again by Chuck Asay has a woman telling her husband to get rid of the dangerous things in the garage, several guns hand on the wall. "The children might be accidently maimed or even killed by them: Statistics show they're the most dangerous things we have in our house! I say lets get rid of them." The next scene is the husband with a sign on the car and on a bike saying for sale. Which makes sense, guns kill more then guns, and so do bikes.

Of course, the media is biased. A Japanese dignitary comes to America and says American Workers are Lazy. Now, if he had said American Gun Owners are Nazis, the Media would have worshipped him. Want the anti-gun/constitution/2nd Amendment media?
ABC, CBS, NBC, Cosmopolitan, Boston Globe, NY Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, USA Today, Turner Broadcasting, and many more. Of course, NYT Publisher Arthur Sulzberger is a gun owner, one of the few, cause he has money, but he thinks no one else should have one.

Ok, so far been mainly guns, real ones, but go to a toy store, like Charles Memminger, a columist for a newspaper. He went to a toy store to buy his daughter a cowboy(girl, whatever, bite me) and couldn't find one. He could find the ninja outfit with plastic sword, plastic dagger, plastic death star, he could find the bats, batons, and clubs so you could bash peoples heads in, but no cowboy(girl) outfits. He asked where they were, turns out they aren't sold anymore for guns, even toy ones for cowboys(girls) are bad. But the ninja, a paid assassin, isn't bad. Imagin growing up, played cowboy, right? Had little shootouts with cap guns. Nowadays you play ninja. "I sneak into your room while you sleep and slash your throat. Thats it, you just lay there sleeping and I slash your throat. Or wanna play gangsta? Fine, you sleep and I'll come in and bach your head in with a bat. Whatever works for you when you're sleeping."

Dang this took awhile, any-all-some information comes from Politically Correct Guns By Alan Gottlied. On the cover there is a gun with "Please don;t rob or kill me" coming out of the barrel.

Then Gun Laws....

Gun Laws? You want gun laws? Here are some gun laws.....

Maple Ridge Michigan. It is illegal for a woman to read a sunday newspaper while in a rocking chair with a gun in her lap.

In Kentucky it is illegal to shoot unloaded guns.

Furnance Massachusetts. It is illegal to carry a rifle over your shoulder while whistling.

Cascade Iwoa. It is illegal to duel with water pistols.

Pattonsburg Pennsylvania. It is illegal for women to make funny faces at men who are practicing their shooting.

Wakefeild Rhode Island. It is illegal for a woman to shoot in the direction of a police officer with the intent of shooting his necktie off.

Spades Indiana. It is illegal to open a can by shooting it with a revolver. Nothing on rifles or semi-automatics.

North Andover Massachusetts. It is illegal to bring a space guns anywhere in town limits. Hmmmm, what about lightsabers?

Oklahoma. Only time you can carry a gun is while being chased by an indian.

Burdoville Vermont. It is illegal for women to carry a gun while wearing high heels.

Bourbon Mississippi. Only men and police officers can carry, get this, WOODEN guns. Damn, women to smart to carry those.

Anyways, thats America for you. And it isn't liberals, Bill hunts, Kerry hunts, but Bill didn't see why anyone needed a AK-47 or an MP-5 so he banned them. Makes sense, course, went to a gun show yesterday and no more ban, can get a AK-47 for 300 dollars, or an anti aircraft gun for 5000 dollars, 9000 dollars if you want the case and accessories.(if only I had 10 grand, this idiot flies his Cessna at treetop levels, illegal to fly that low out here, but what you gonna do? Call the cops? Course, don't need a anti aircraft gun, could hit it with a .22)

Case in point. Morton Grove Illinois, bans handguns, while Kennesaw Georgia requires everyone to own a gun for self defense, guess which one has a lower crime rate? Hint, it doesn't ryhme with Horton Rove.

Hmmmmm.... how to make it clear and simple to you gun grabbers. CRIMINALS ARE NOT AFFECTED BY GUN LAWS! THE WHOLE POINT OF BEIN A CRIMINAL IS BECAUSE THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW! As said, criminals do not buy guns legally, but illegally, cause they are, get this, CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!! A gun law affects me, a citizen who buys guns legally. But mr criminal, guess what? He doesn't follow gun laws, he a criminal. Just like drug laws, they affect law abidding citizens, not criminals! I swear, it is like murder being illegal. It is illegal, so they should just stop. Wait, they still happen!

Also, to the guy who said guns make it easier to kill, sorry, but a car makes it a hell of alot easier. Guns are loud, identifiable, and guess what? Easy to trace. A car? How to tell the difference from a F150 and a F250 and a Ranger? All trucks, about the same height, so you run ten people over in your Ranger, the police have to find every ranger, F150, F250, and any other vehicle that size. Also, I take a gun into a store, I fire 9 shots. I take a full size van, damn, I can run a couple dozen people over easily. Like the Political Cartoon has. Woman tells her husband to sell those dangerous things in the garage, so he sells the car and bike cause they kill more then guns.

How come you aren't for Bat Laws? Or Bowling Ball Laws? Or Fork Laws? Or Crutch Laws? All can kill, and hell, usually better then a gun, bats aren't traceble, no license required, silent, and easy to carry.

Clear? I read "Gun Laws don't work on people who go around the law, but we should have them anyways." What? This doesn't make sense, if they are going around the laws, then why are the laws needed? Know what happened in Australia? They banned guns. Guess what? Murder, crime, all went UP! Guess what? They banning swords and knives now. Why? Guns hard to get so people, get this, use something else! In other words, they want to kill this person, if no gun, then a knife, or bat, or car, or bomb.... Hell, bombs are a lot easier then a gun. Anyone can buy gas, and anyone can buy fuse.(either homemade or store bought) And best part? A gun you need to aim, be close enough to the subject to see them. A bomb? Set it outside their bedroom window at night, light the fuse, drive away. Ten minutes later you at home, bomb goes off, all evidnce of you gone up in the explosin. SO we should ban gas, rags, oil, so forth....

You seem to think the arguement of "Since cars, knives, bats, whatever kill more, why aren't we banning them?" is bs, but why is it? It is true that cars kill more, yet don't see any car turn ins. How many people died in car accidents in say, Zaire? None you say? Oh, no cars.

Ten Myths vs. Reality
Gun control is an issue surrounded by (some would say submerged in) myth and misunderstanding. We present here ten myths that are most frequently raised . . . and, from our perspective, most commonly misunderstood.

Myth No. 1: Guns cause crime. A review of the academic literature shows that there is no relationship between the number of guns and the amount of crime in the United States. Criminologists Gary Kleck and E. Britt Patterson reported in 1993 their finding that gun ownership had no significant effect on the rates of murder, assault, robbery, or rape in the U.S. Between 1973 and 1992, the rate of gun ownership in the U.S. increased by 45 percent (from 610 guns per 1,000 people to 887). The homicide rate during that period fell by nearly 10 percent (from 9.4 homicides per 100,000 people to 8.5).

Myth No. 2: Gun control laws reduce crime. Firearms have been regulated with increasing stringency in the United States for most of the past thirty years. Nevertheless, the number of firearms in private hands has increased continuously by many millions per year; handguns have become an increasing proportion of privately owned firearms; and rates of crime, violent crime, and homicide have shown no relationship to the passage or enforcement of gun laws. In their 1993 research, Kleck and Patterson analyze the impact of 19 gun control measures on six categories of violence. In ninety of the resulting 102 relationships, they found no significant correlation between gun laws and violence.

Myth No. 3: Gun control laws stop friends from killing friends. Most murderers and most victims of homicide have criminal records. They are likely to have other criminals as friends and acquaintances. So while it is true that in many cases of homicide the offender and victim are known to each other, it is not true that these "friends killing friends" are the plain ordinary folks often portrayed in anti-gun propaganda. "It is not a slander on the few truly innocent and highly sensationalized victims," writes Dr. Edgar A. Suter and his colleagues, "to note that the overwhelming predominance of homicide victims' are as predatory and socially aberrant as the perpetrators of homicide." Indeed, according to City of Chicago data, the largest and fastest-growing category of relationship between killer and victim is "non-relative, non-friend acquaintance."

Myth No. 4: Gun control laws keep criminals from obtaining guns. In surveys of prisoners, a majority report that they had owned a handgun prior to their imprisonment. But only 7 percent of criminals' handguns are obtained from legitimate retail sources. Three-fourths of felons surveyed report they would have no trouble obtaining a gun when they were released, despite legal prohibitions against firearms ownership by convicted felons.

Myth No. 5: Required waiting periods would prevent some of the most vicious crimes. The Brady waiting period law imposes waiting periods on handguns--the least-deadly type of firearm--while imposing no such restriction on much more deadly, substitutable weapons such as rifles or shotguns. While handguns are preferred by criminals because of their portability and concealability, not every criminal who planned to use a handgun will abandon his criminal plans when confronted by a waiting period. Indeed, for reasons discussed in more detail below (see "Why Waiting Periods Fail"), it is entirely possible that waiting period laws could increase the number of both killings and nondeadly woundings.

Myth No. 6: Guns don't work as self-protection against criminals. In fact, guns are about as valuable to civilians as they are to police officers, and for the same reason. According to criminologists Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz, every year adults use guns for protective purposes 2.5 million times. As many as 65 lives are protected by guns for every life lost to a gun. Each year, potential victims kill between 2,000 and 3,000 criminals; they wound an additional 9,000 to 17,000. Moreover, mishaps are rare. Private citizens mistakenly kill innocent people only thirty times a year, compared with about 330 mistaken killings by police. Criminals succeed in taking a gun away from an armed victim less than 1 percent of the time. The real utility of defensive firearms, moreover, must surely be far greater, and would be measured not by how many people were shot or even how often a gun was fired, but rather by the deterrent effects of a civilian being armed.

Myth No. 7: Guns aren't needed as self-protection. About 83 percent of the population will be victims of violent crime at some point in their lives, and in any given year serious crime touches 25 percent of all households. The odds are not likely to improve; there is only one police officer on patrol for every 3,300 people. And the courts repeatedly have ruled that government has at most a limited duty to protect individual citizens from crime. An illustrative case is Warren v. District of Columbia, in which three rape victims sued the city under the following facts: Two of the victims were upstairs when they heard the other being attacked by men who had broken in downstairs. From an upstairs telephone, the two roommates made several calls to the police. Half an hour passed and their roommate's screams ceased; they assumed the police must have arrived. In fact, however, their calls had been lost in the shuffle while the roommate was being beaten into silent acquiescence. When her roommates went downstairs to see to her, as the court's opinion describes it, "For the next fourteen hours the women were held captive, raped, robbed, beaten, forced to commit sexual acts upon each other, and made to submit to the sexual demands" of their attackers.

Having set out these facts, the District of Columbia's highest court nevertheless exonerated the District and its police, noting that it is

a fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.

Myth No. 8: Gun control laws are especially needed to prevent the purchase of Saturday Night Specials and "assault weapons." Inexpensive handguns are involved in only 1 to 3 percent of violent crimes; criminals generally prefer larger caliber and more expensive handguns. Moreover, in the past fifty years no civilian has ever used a legally owned machine gun in a violent crime. And despite their repeated use by drug dealers on television and movies, no Uzi has ever been used to kill a police officer in the United States. Even some gun control advocates concede that so-called assault weapons play a minor role in violent crime. In 1991, 1992, and 1993 combined, there were more than 2,500 criminal homicides in the City of Chicago--only three of which were perpetrated with a true, military-style, "assault weapon."

Myth No. 9: Gun control laws are especially needed to prevent gun accidents in the home. "Gun-control advocates have sought to create the impression that firearm accidents involving children are a large and growing problem," writes the Independence Institute's David Kopel. "Many people mistakenly conclude that children die frequently in gun accidents and that sharp restrictions on gun ownership are necessary to address the problem." In fact, however, the number of gun accidents involving both children and adults has fallen dramatically.

In 1970, 2,406 Americans died from firearms accidents. By 1991, that number had fallen to 1,441--even as the number of guns increased dramatically. Between 1970 and 1991, the annual rate of fatal gun accidents was cut in half, from 1.2 to 0.6 per 100,000 Americans. The death rate from firearms accidents is lower than that from accidental drowning (1.6 per 100,000 in 1991), inhalation and ingestion of foreign objects (1.3), and complications from medical procedures (1.0).

Myth No. 10: Gun ownership is not a constitutional right. The Second Amendment reflects the founders' belief that an armed citizenry (called the general militia ) was a necessary precaution against tyranny by our own government and its army. The idea that government has a constitutional right to disarm the general citizenry is totally foreign to the intent of the Constitutional framers. Samuel Adams, for example, expressed in the Massachusetts convention his intention that "the said Constitution be never construed . . . to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms." David Kopel summarizes the legal scholarship on this issue:

First, read my newest signature about guns... You'll love it, maybe not as good looking as your avatar, but it still makes a point.

Anyways, again, Australia banned guns, guess what? crime rate went, get this, don't put on the blinders gun grabbers, UP! Hahahaha, freaking hilarious isn't? "Guns are bad, so we banned them, oops, that criminal just shot me." Again, said this what? 3 times? THE WHOLE POINT OF BEING A CRIMINAL IS THAT YOU BREAK THE LAW! So, a gun LAW doesn't affect them.

Fine, ban guns due to accidents. Now, what type of accidents kill more? Drowning accidents, lets ban water. And cars, and fire, and corners(she accidently fell and hit her head on the corner) and bow&arrow, animals, humans, air, anything else that kills more then guns through accidents. Happy? Want your own rubber room with no corners, no water, no air, no nothing that might harm you? Also, I would love to be president so I could pass my bill, the "If used correctly and it kills you, it becomes illegal." Ok, cars can kill, but not what they are suppose to be used fo so they still legal. Guns can kill, but if used correctly, as stated, they don't. Unless you count killing the paper target.

Newly released statistics reported October 13th show that since the British government passed one of the most stringent gun bans in the world in 1997, Britain's murder rate has risen to its highest level since records began being kept 100 years ago.

The number of murders in the first eight months of this year has risen by as much as 22% in some of Britain's biggest cities, which account for the majority of homicides. This builds on a 4% rise in the murder rate in the year to March and is 20% higher than the total for 1997, the first year of Tony Blair's government and the year that strict new gun bans were imposed. Police say random killings are rising. Official figures show the proportion of murders in which the victim is not known to the killer has nearly doubled in the past decade to 31%. The British Home Office reports that handgun crime is at its highest since 1993, while overall gun crimes have never been higher. Since the draconian 1997 gun ban was passed, criminal misuse of handguns has jumped by 40 percent. As in California, much of the gun violence is related to urban youth gang warfare and the illicit drug trade. But petty criminals are now using guns during common street crime. London has surpassed the crime rate of New York City. Robberies, in which criminals use or threaten violence, have gone up by 35 percent in the past year. In fact, Chris Fox, vice-president of the British Association of Chief Police Officers, said the rising murder rate put Britain out of line with America, where it has fallen 12%, and France and Germany, where it has dropped 29% and 27% respectively since 1995.

Anyways, incredibly long, but went through my topic on Gun Grabbers and posted what was relevent.

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