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The Kansas Marriage Amendment has been approved (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 01:11 PM
Unofficial but overhelming numbers show that 70% of Kansas voters want to keep their ban on gay marriage. The Kansas Marriage Amendement has been passed by the will of the voters. The bill goes on to prohib civil unions in the state between same sex couples. No suprise here as the bilbe belt strongly supports defining marriage between a man and women.
Kansans overwhelmingly voted to add a ban on gay marriage and civil unions to their state constitution, but both sides predicted court battles over the amendment.

The ban reaffirms the state's long-standing policy of recognizing only marriages between one man and one woman. It also declares that only such unions are entitled to the "rights and incidents" of marriage, prohibiting the state from authorizing civil unions for gay couples.

With final, unofficial results from 104 of the state's 105 counties on Tuesday, 414,235, or 70 percent, voted "yes," and 178,167, or 29 percent voted "no."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It looks like the majority of Kansas voters are Christian moral centered people and believe this bill is necessary to protect marriage. It is obviously is a big blow for gay couples and re-affirms that they are the minority and are not entitled to any marriage union in Kansas or anywhere in the bible belt. I believe this trend of state-based marriage amendments will continue and will still be one of many issues that polarizes America for many more elections.

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