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'Real ID' Bill Caught in Limbo (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 08:20 AM
A bill that would essentially force all 50 states to verify the legal status of a person by requiring birth certificates and or legal immigration status before issuing ID's or Driver's Licenses has little chance of being passed.
The aim of this bill is to prevent illegal immigrants the ability to board aircraft or the use of federal programs. Another main reason for this bill is an attempt to create a fraud resistant ID system. This bill that it has little chance of passing as there are presently 10 states that allow some type of Driver's License / ID cards for the illegal immigrants that are already resident in their states. A national database and the requirement that a person needed to prove citizenship would economically impact these states negatively.
Lawmaker Sparks Immigrant Licensing Debate
WASHINGTON — A bill that would require all states to verify federal immigration documents and birth certificates before issuing federally recognized drivers' licenses to its residents is still in limbo as Congress returns from its Easter recess and possibly toward a renewed push.
The "Real ID Act," sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (search), R-Wis., passed the House 261-161 on Feb. 10. The act would prohibit anyone without a federally recognized state-issued ID from boarding an airplane or accessing federal programs that require federally recognized identification.
Critics say that the legislation would hit at least 10 states particularly hard, be extremely costly and create a national identification system

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Normally, I would be in disagreement with allowing the government to create a database of such information as it would be another way for them to track its citizens.
Unfortunately, I have to promote this bill. I am sorry, if the people who would be affected by this law are the ones that have already “thumbed their noses” at the laws of this country. To think that there are 10 states that not only openly accepts the presence of the illegal immigrants in their states. They are profiting from them! In order to get any kind of an identification card, the states receive a fee, anywhere from $8 to $24 each time the card is renewed. The cards now allow these criminals now can make use of such programs as WIC and other federally funded programs. The driver’s licenses now allow the illegal immigrant the “right” to drive a car on roads that they do not pay taxes on. Drive cars that they do not have insurance on thus raising the rates of all other drivers. Now not only do we have American businesses profiting from the illegal workforce, but now some of our state governments are now in on the deal.

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posted on Apr, 6 2005 @ 08:33 AM
"A national database and the requirement that a person needed to prove citizenship would economically impact these states negatively. "

maybe so, but is it really worth the amount of money being the interest payments on that money since, hey, that's all that we have left to spend is borrowed money!!

why can't they just crack down on the immigration problem, and the businesses that hire them alot cheaper probably. They probably could have built brick walls at both borders with the money they have spent thus far for "homeland security". there shouldn't be anyone crossing our borders now illegally, but they want the cheap labor!!

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