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Behold! The future of Time Travel

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posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 09:52 AM
As I was browsing I found this interesting site. It goes in pretty deep, so it may be too much for some ATS viewers.

The link is availiable here:

Please take some time to view the site, and explore how to time travel.

Personally, my favorite is the discussion time is not linear, and I loved the description of the time spring.

Remember when you go back in time you have to create a new universe, otherwise there would be so many paradoxes. The universe would look the same until the point you enter it. Then you are manipulating everything, even by doing the smallest things

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 12:15 PM
Well, much of that site tends to work with the ideas put forth in various episodes of Star Trek.

The upside: A lot of smart people have actually worked with the ideas presented in Star Trek throughout the years and have a strong basis for some of the ideas used on the series (plural).

The downside: We aren't even close to making most of those ideas come true, at least on a commercial basis.

My advice: Don't worry about time travel unless you messed up your life so bad that you feel you have something to fix. Take care of the present and you'll be fine.

If you have the brains, go into physics (no simple subject). If not, you might want to pick another hobbie. Either way, best of luck to you... and best of skill, as well.

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 12:39 PM
If only they could use that time machine to come from the future and tell us how it went


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