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Mummified daughter kept for aliens

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posted on Jul, 18 2003 @ 12:58 AM
ALMATY, Kazakhstan (Reuters) -- A distraught Kazakh mother kept her daughter's mummified corpse in her apartment for three years hoping she would be resurrected by aliens. Here's the rest:
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This is weird... I believe in aliens, but I wouldn't try to mummify one of my little brothers in hopes that aliens will resurrect him.

posted on Jul, 18 2003 @ 09:04 AM
Quite sad really, poor woman.

posted on Jul, 18 2003 @ 02:51 PM
just goes to prove that truth really does tend to be stranger than fiction...I mean, not even Norman Bates was wating for aliens to resurrect his mother

posted on Jul, 22 2003 @ 05:11 PM
Death through an auto-immune disorder. The auto-immune disorder illustrates the struggle to come to terms with possible alien contact. They say it's a separation anxiety.

Take a look at this article HERE.

Maybe the victim came into contact with an alien lifeform, couldn't cope, died and this person who mumified her hoped they would come back for her!

[Edited on 22-7-2003 by Hades]

posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 01:53 PM

She said the mother was undergoing medical checks at a psychiatric clinic.

Ya think?

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