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posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 03:13 PM
Okay, this is a script for a movie my friend and i came up with in about 15 minutes, so if anyone wants to make any corrections, and/or add ideas, don't hesitate to post.

first off, it dosn't have a title, so if you all could help with know, go ahead.

[screens black a few of the credits are going by, and light, classical music is playing]The sound of water hitting water is gradually becomeing louder, along with a light whistleing[camera shifts down to reveal one of the main charaters from a view point of the doorway of the bathroom, with his back to the camera, faceing a tolit]
Steven:Ben![camera swivils quickly to face the another main charater, steven, and swivels back to show ben spin around, holding a busted water balloon, spraying water all over the room]
Ben: WHAT?!?![angraly throwing the balloon down, and it busts open, splashing the water over the ground]
Steven: Wait, what were you doing with that balloon?[camera pans out to show him holding a gray cat, and a bright yellow leash]
Ben: uhhh, NOTHING![defencivly]
Steven: [shakeing his head and grunting] whatever, kitkat needs a walk.[camera follows the cat dramaticly as it sails through the air, after steven throws it, and ben cacthes it]
[camera returns to origonal position at the doorway, and ben walks out of the room as 'eye of the tiger' starts to play, and the name of the movie pops up dramaticly]
[music still playing, the camera swicthes to dramatic images of ben putting on gloves, knee and elbow pads, helmut and goggles on. right as the lyrics starrt, a side view of the garge shows kitcat walking out witht e leash behind him, pulling ben on a skateboard. as the music contiues to play[fat chick on scooter is in the backround, but not well focused on, key element] images of ben and kitkat on the walk go by, the last one is of them on a board walk at sunset, and as the music fades, ben and kitkat pull into thew garage at about a half hour after they left, which is about 12:30ish]

Okay, i have to stop writeing at the moment, but it'll get better i swear!!!LOL, agian, if you have any ideas, please post them!

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 03:23 PM
Good work,

And Good effort. the more you write the better you will get!

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 03:28 PM
keep up with the good work EvilLink like Asala said the more you write the better you will get.

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Eye of the Tiger would be a natural choice for a title. You could do the movie as the cat sees it. Just a thought.

posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 03:58 PM
okay, thank you for your comments
, if you look at the main post, i will edit it to add more of the script as i write it, as to not get it all over the place.

Ps, the cat plays a bigger partthen you think, lol, belive me, he's my favorite charater.

Wait, never mind, it dosn'tr have an edit thing, i guess this will get a little messy then, sorry about that!

[steven and two girls are sitting on a couch, staring unblinkingly into the screen, and you can hear cop sirins and the phrase"medivial Cops" along with a harp playing the "bad boys" song. the camera shifts to reveal the door beside them, and the cat door, which the camera zooms in to, as kitkat runs through, followed by ben, whose head pops through the door, and after a quick reverse, he opens the door normal, and lays on the people seated on the couch.]
Girl #1: Get off me!
Ben: ....
Girl #2: RRRRRRR![shoves him onto floor with painful thud][in tyhe backround , through the mirror, a fat chick on a scooter is going by, not quite focused on]
Steven: Calm down maggie, you'll give yourself a hernea
Maggie: [giggles]
Ben: yeah, be more like beka, she's passive agressive, and would hurt me[Beka immediatly kicks him,while he's below the camera view.
Bekah: [luaghs]
[ben gets up and sits in between maggie and bekah, and they all star unblinky into the camera, which is from the view of the TV.]
[all of a sudden, in a flash, Kitkat runs across the room and out the cat door, with two little breifcases, and a pair of sunglasses on, and into a waiting taxi. the taxi goes forward, but then stops, and kitkat jumps out, runinto the house, jumps onto the coffe table, grabs a 20, meows thanks, and leave agian, leaveing the gropup looking out the window, camra back at the tv agian, and you hear tires squiling as the taxi leaves.]
Steven: what the hell?....
Bekah: should we do something?
Ben: Nah, remember when he dissiperd for a month that one time? and he came back with like forty girl cats? he'll be back, we feed him, remember?
Maggie: yeah, ben's right.[they turn and sit back down.]
[they continue to wacth the tv, but adding to the fake cop sirins on the tv, real ones start to go off, and lights are flashing in the window.]
[an airal view of the street shows forty cop cars slam and drive into the small subrbain street, with one tank in the mix. one cop car pulls nicely into the drivway, and two cops get out. one is african american, the other, white, and looks to be a striotipical cop, with sunglasses, a potbelly, and a short temper.]
Cop #1: you ready to get these basterds?[camera focuses on just his fasce, bluring the other.]
Cop#2: Yeah[camera shifts to focus on him, bluring the other]
Cop#1: Lets do it.[focuses back to him.]
[camera zooms out as they both start to scream and run forward, and bust in the door, grab ben and steven, and drag them outside. the short temperd cop slams ben into the car hood, the other leans steven agist the hood, almost nicely.]
Cop#1: Have either of you two maggots ever seen this!?!?!?!?!?[dramaticly pulls out a HUGE plastic bag, with about a half inch of some grassy substance on ther bottom,]
Ben i don't even know what's in there.
Cop#1: don't you back talk me boy![throws ben to ground and starts beating him with a billystick.]
Steven: seri-
Cop#2 you have the right to remain silient, if you speak agian, i will shove my foot up yo @ss, do you under stand me?
Steven: [Nods]
Cop #2 You to are going down town, let's go![ben and steven are both shoved into the car, and the arial view show all the cars trying to leave.]
[camera cuts back to the tv angle, showing maggie and bekah, sitting on the couch, truned around, looking out the window.
Maggie: God, i guess, we'll have to... help them... or somethinbg... i guess.
Bekah: who's driveing?
Maggie: i will....
[they leave, stumling over the reckage of the door, and walk into the grage, camera at the door, and drive off down the now empty street in a convertible][in the back round, the gilr with the scooter, is sitting on the ground, useing an ainhaler]

okay, more later!

[edit on 1-4-2005 by EvilLink]

posted on Apr, 4 2005 @ 03:08 PM
link's some more.but i'm going to write it is normal book type wording, just to speed things up.

Steven and ben are draged througha large open ara in the police preseint, the two cops looking around for someone. finally spoting the person, they hurridly run to him.
"Oh god, what is this?"Says a judge with only the the half of a judial robe on, the bottom half has been replaced by shorts and sandles.
"We caught the two druggys from the airport locker icident!" says cop #1, spiting slitly.
the judge wipes his face, and sighs."i told you two, theirs not enough pot there to arrest anyone and wast the courts money, the mayor wants to cut the budget too much as it is."
"but s-"
"No! i am just about to leave on my week long vacation, when i come back, we'll talk about haveing a court case, but untill then, let them go!"
"yes sir..."say the two cops. and they let go of steven and ben, ben hits the floor, and yelps in pain.
"Jesus christ! i should sue you for asult and battery." says ben.
the cop pulls out his jimmy stick and is about to hit ben, but the other cop qiuckly intervines, and pulls him away."you're lucky maggot! you just wait-"
But steven and ben had already walked out of the building, and stood on the steps.
"Okay, so waht the hell is going on?"Asks steven.
"Well aperently we've been framed for possion of marrianna that they found in an airport locker near here." answerd ben.
Steven stoops down."God, what the hell did we do to diserve this? not only do we only have untill next friday to figure out how this happend, but now we have to walk ho-"steven is cut off by a squiling of tires as maggie spins the car neatly into a parrel p[ark infront of the building, and poops up out of her seat."Sup bieacths?"
"Thank god" steven and ben both walk down the stepos, stevn enters the car and takes the driver seat, much to the dismay of maggie, and ben hops into the back seat."To the airport!"
"wait, what?"says bekah, looking confused.
"nevermind, i'll explian on the way" they drive off down the road.

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