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Hope For change

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posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 07:29 PM
Yeah I just posted something but i want to post this now before i lose it again. I wrote it awhile ago and i like to think I've gotten better since then(I'm usually a song writer)...But i think this stuff is true, even if it sounds liek a horrible outlook on the world.

Hope for Change

As I look up to the stained skies
I remember all of those horrible lies
The ones that said I had a chance at life
Even through the world’s evil strife
The past I leave causes me the pain of a dart
In my completely frozen solid heart
I wish it would just thaw out
I wish I just could have less doubt
And not lose hope and know that I’m not right
About how humanity will never find it’s light
About how there is no chance and there is no hope
We are barely here, dangling on such a thin rope
And we are putting our faith in the wrong men
Following the wrong shadows over and over again

There is so little chance that we can succeed
With such carelessness in the lives we lead
It’s strange how God gives us this power
To leave someone behind to leave just one flower
To take our such precious lives in an instant
Because our pasts gives us no reasons to fight against it
Humanity cannot escape its own clutches
No matter how many are put in crutches
The dead are gone and nothing can change that
I’m sorry that I make the truth sound so flat
Why is the world so full of this much hate?
Why do so many have the need for a steel gate?
Why do so many believe that they have the right to kill?
While the rest of you think murder is run of the mill

We always hide what we know is inside
But it’s there as obvious as the tide
No matter how thick and strong our walls are
We cannot escape our biggest scar
We always take what we don’t need
Without much thought to any creed
Just as long as we’re not changing our old laws
Put down many years ago by people who too had paws
Why do you pretend our mistakes aren’t there?
While you sit back in your reclining chair
People try to get the truth to you despite the rain
But they all are calling out to you in vain
And you will not listen to any sort of reason
So you blame them all of treason

Everybody wants something as long as nothing is given up by them
And this selfishness is what causes our future to be so grim
We are losing ourselves in our own aggressions
And we blame it all on depressions
When few of you know what depression feels like
Because all you want is to add another spike
Into the long list of problems including psychological diseases
Caused to you by the hurtfulness of other people’s teases
When you should know by now how to ignore
And instead of pills its happiness you should adore
And when you pick up the newspaper to read
You can see the media with spoons to feed
And you trust their judgments without the slightest questioning
Even though they prove themselves to be liars on most everything

Doesn’t it bother you that your daughters want to be in a magazine?
And that your sons kill partly because you give them no place to lean?
You give up on them because society tells you that you should do so
And that causes civilization to sink one more notch to the low
And we fall further into being savages
As we send our lives into more ravages
And then you’ll find another set of blames
As you search for faults in a list of names
You seem to always find something to blame for our every mistake
And act like our thoughts and actions are all completely fake
But when the thick smoke finally clears
The so obvious truth will send you to tears
And when you realize it you will know why
That almost every last one of us deserves to die

You’re so used to death that when one is said for you to hear
You don’t even move or flinch in any sort of fear
When did the world get to be so harsh?
When did the dead bodies turn into our only marsh?
The world is already overtaken by an invisible fire
And devilish murderers are easily for hire
When did the protectors of our laws
Become one of crimes biggest cause
At this rate the end of the world will come soon
And you all will go to your final doom
And the whole world will be set ablaze
As we finally enter our very last days
And maybe then the earth can be purified
And the planet can finally rid of its blood stained sky

We try to change and that causes so much to be destroyed by us
But the end result will always be the same by dusk
The evils of humanity will always be shown
No matter how many times we try to change our tone
We will never bomb our problems away
We will never see a real, brand new day
The agonizing screams from the deaths of so many lives
Can’t be drowned out when a new idolization arrives
We are all going to fall into our own misery
As we finish off the last of the planets trees
And there is no chance our resources will be replenished
And then you might realize that we are finished
Why do we make ourselves need forgiveness?
And why do we find that ignorance is a given bliss?

Why do you act like nothing is wrong?
While another country drops their bomb
And sends us closer to an inevitable end
But just as long as the bible is your friend
And Jesus your savior it won’t matter
As long as you pray every night your hopes can’t shatter
You think that praying will get you out of hell
You think that God can see through the bloodshed and tell
That God knows you asked for forgiveness and a place with him
Even after the war in which you lost your limb
That you asked for hope after you beheaded children
But now that you battle your wars with a pen
And you haven’t killed in years you think you deserve heaven
I’m not here to say that you don’t, because that would be a sin

According to your book, at least, I can’t be correct
And especially after your monument was erect
And the whole world thinks that you’re a hero with virtues
But you know the truth and you will pay your true dues
Along with every last evil in this world
So much evil that it will send hell into a twirl
As your heartless souls are stacked into shelves, and you can’t run
And as you remember the dead faces you’ll know what you’ve done
You won’t realize the truth until it’s too late
And then you will feel your own self hate
As you fall into your empty, soulless end
And no help will be available for a lend
You will realize that you should’ve fixed things while you had a chance
Instead of worrying about yourself and your finance

But maybe we can find a way to change our future
Maybe there is way to teach ourselves to live with virtue
Maybe its time you all open your eyes and keep your mind awake
While you ask yourself why you and everyone else loves to take
And you try to find a way to fix things you’ve done
And realize that you might have to sacrifice fun
To try and find a way to live a better life on earth
And find a way to start over again like a new birth
There is no Jesus to save us, not this time
You most look into your souls and search on the inside
You must try and fix all the things that you’ve done
Or else Judgment day will quickly come
You must find and gain your own hope and faith
And maybe then you will find a way to dodge the devil wraith
ble outlook on the world.

posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 07:39 PM
Usually people treat you the way you treat them.

I know a person who has let me down very seriously in the past, and now somehow he feels that I am to do him a favour. I never thought how these people think, but my morality dictates me to keep away from those people who planned to hurt me, because they may do that to me again and again. Especially, if I'm the responsible for giving him power to destroy other people's life.

So thinking of responsibility, I must be certain that I will never do anything that will hurt masses.

Others may think the same way. Hoping for change can last a lifetime, but the actual reason why this hope must fail, got to be well known.

posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 07:49 PM
Well, yeah, vertu. Same here, i always stay away from those people who will almost instinctively try to tear me down(which is quite a lot of people in this day in age). And if you let them hurt you they are going to do it again, because it worked out just fine for them, so what reason do they have to stop. It's like training a pet(and a lot of those people aren't much smarter than my dog so...). And there are far to many evils to train(and those who are really evil are unable to be trained anyways) maybe this hope will fail, but hope doesn't have to show real improvements. Hope is good enough to get many through another day. And as corny as it may sound if you still have hope to hold on to, it hasn't completely failed you.

posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 08:00 PM
Right... my hopes in a particular person lasted for over two years, and it definitely failed. Other entities solved my problem, they found it right to grant me that beautiful future which was given to me.

But also, it was their private decision to keep far away from that person who hurt me for years, those who gave this wonderful Future decided that he must not gain from the benefits of my future.

All those lies and all those robbings through a year must not be forgotten, which caused me real trouble in my past.

My life is worth far more than simple cash, it holds great adventures due to my capabilities and due to my understanding.

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 01:10 PM
yeah, everyone's life is worth more than cash, unless they allow themselves to be bought, then i guess they're not.

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 01:23 PM
Your guess may be wrong... Money is everything these days.

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 01:25 PM
Great job... You're a great writer

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