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A new religion and the anti christ

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posted on Jul, 16 2003 @ 09:18 PM
I once placed this on the site in the past and it was deleted because I wasn't through enough. So keep in mind this is basic geometry and you'll get it. But it is the Real tree of life. The Kabballah tree of life is actually the tree of knowledge. Therefore it is wrong in lable.

First Simply draw out 3 crosses side by side. Next between the sinners cross and the cross of christ draw 3 x's. ONe on top of another. These 3 x's between the 2 crosses will look like two keys. This should be simple enough to follow.
Next we go to numbers. So turn the page 90%. The cross with nothing conected to it should be on the bottom. The other two should naturally be above it. Now place 1 in the apex of the left triangle that is on the bottom or what it seen as the middle cross. Next place 2 in the left corner and 3 in the right. After this place 7 in the middle triangles apex and 8 in the left and 9 in the right. In the right triangle place 4 in the apex and 5 in the left and 6 in the right. So in you apexs you have 174. ON the base of the 3 triangles or on the post of the middle cross you have 238956. You can add each trianlge in this fashion. 123=6, 456=15=6 789=24=6. So you have 666 as a basis in the basic mathmatical principals. Since everything wortks in 3's. Next you can add the apexs across. 174=12=3. The base of the triangles are 238956=33=6. Then you can go to the 666=18=9. You can easily see that on the right side of the trianlges on the right side of the arm post that you get 369. A goose drank wine. With 666 being the Key of hell. The key of death comes like this.

You have one key remaining above. This is the key brought to you by the sinners cross. The triangles as you notice are pointing down. First you go to the corners which are apart of the center post of the sinners cross. In the left triangle and the left corner of that triangle you place the 10 in the right corner you place the 11 and in the apex you place the 12. You now have the center trianlge pointing down. PLace 13 in the left corner and 14 in the right with 125 in the apex. Which should be just above the 7 in the lower trainlge pointing upward. Next move to the right triangle pointing down. Place 16 in the left corner and 17 in the right and 18 in the apex. You can add these as you have done int he first set of traingles. 101112=33=6, 131415=42=6, 161718=51=6. However you have a lower part to the equation and must add in the originjal 666. Being a 6 from each triangle. So you wouls add 123 and 101112 = 39=12=3. In the center 789 and 131415= 66 =12=3. Last 456 and 161718 =66 =12=3. So on the top side of the center post of the sinners cross you get 333. Just as in Freemasonry.

What is now missing is the 19, the alpha and the omega of numbers. This is when it goes. On the right side of the sinners cross on the bottom side of the sinners arm post. Now if you have drawn it correctly you will have on the right side between the two crosses 369 on christs cross adn 19 on the sinners cross. Albeit that 19 is above 369. You must now add in a upward fashion. 36919=37=10. Not that in gnosis that 37 is the center. Remember that we must leave as we come in and sinner is how we come in. You can add up the 333 and get 9 then add it to the ten but you will still get 10.

Why have I placed 37 in the left cross you ask. Because of this. The symbol useed by Nibiru is the cross. The righteous are the destroyers just as Nibiru is. Abel was righteous and killed the firstlings which was Caine. God is said to come as a thief as was the sinner on the left cross.

Since the symbol of Nibiru and the righteous is the cross and since they all kneel to christ they are the good at his right hand. This is where the two moons join. In the center of the right cross. Considering when two moons jion they would actually give of the presence of two cresents opposing each other. A old man who was claimed to try and assaninate the president back way back when asked me of this eclipse, This was his piece for me. Two opposing moons. on the post of the cross.The righteous.

To get the tree of life you must look at it like this. A prism. A prism has 3 sides to it. If you fold these 3 crosses on the post themselves you get a prism. The light of the two moons would cross over making a sphere. The light cast out with the 11 points of the 3 x's will give you the 12 spheres of the sumerians.

If you go to the site you will get a look at the cubeoctahedron. This is the symbol of life. You can get the symbol of life from my drawing like this. By folding one side of the tree down and one side up. Remember that the sun sphere is on the outter side of the 11 points of the x's. This sphere keeps the 11 points in check. If you place the 4 outter spheres back into the mix you will see off one side you have 2 triangles and one square. Just as in the symbol of the cubeoctahedron. In turn folding the otherside in the opposite direction you will get the same. The linear lines themselves will finiish maping out the remaining symbol.

If you go back and place the 3 crosses with the 3x's and the number inside the pleiades you have the room to incorporate the 7 unclean spirits. One spirit for each sphere. The first would be 3 triangles cosmology. next the 3 x's for earth based religions, phallisicism. The third 3 crosses for christianity or monotheism. The 4th the magic square, numerology. However in the talisman part it would just be the #. So in all actuality you couold just put the # which represents the number. In 5 you would leave it blank But you would color it white. in turn in the talisman part of it the other side would be black. IN a spin they wouls become grey. Thus the undecided, the athiest adnt he agnostic. In the sixth you would place the center key from the center of the pleiades. The key of hell. This is the Key of david. Or the Kabballah. In the 7th You would place the triangle itself from Satanism as Crowley refered to it as. In a talisman you wouls get the 6 pointed star. The mark of the beast which is the center of the cubeoctahedron. Therefore to live is to take the mark of the beast. Thus since religion is a main problem of society this religion wouls actually kill itself with the union of all other religions.

This is what the military gave me when they parted me a an experiment against my knowledge, when I was 17.

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