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Passed Remote Viewing Test & followup question

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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 01:07 PM
About 3 years ago I participated with a group that was conducting an experiment in remote viewing. Group was led by subject matter experts in paranormal studies. To the best of my recollection here's the chronology. One volunteer was given a pen and paper and two solid black envelopes. She was escorted by two other people from the group. Her instructions were to take the paper & envelopes, exit the building, (in a shopping center), select and go to a store, stop and choose an object and stare at it, and then write the description on the piece of paper. Before leaving the destination, she had to seal the paper inside one of the black envelopes, then seal that envelope inside another black envelope and return to the group without speaking to anyone.

Those of us in the group were sitting in front of a TV set that was not receiving a signal, just "snow" on the screen. We were told to stare at the screen then sketch an image what we saw (what we perceived the volunteer saw and stared at). For the longest I didn't see a damn thing but the snow on the TV set. Image appeared so I sketched a boat with the bow pointed up about 30 degrees, centerline about 20 degrees right. The black envelope (within an envelope) were returned, opened by the moderator, and there was a definitive resembalence between my sketch of a boat and the volunteer's sketch of a boat. I had never been in the store she was in. If I recall correctly, she also sketched another unrelated object that i did not detect.

Others in the group did not detect anything.

So, it would seem that I "passed" the test - you guys are the experts, you tell me.

Question: What is the best way to develop this skill further (assuming I have the skill)?

Thanks for indulging all this.


posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 04:19 PM
That's an interesting experience. Maybe try repeating it to see if it was a fluke or not. Recreate the scenario of the test with a friend or somebody and see what happens. I have no idea what to do about it if it's a real ability (I'm personally extremely skeptical of such things) and believe it was probably a coincidence, hence the suggestion to see if the experiment is repeatable. If you DO turn out to be able to repeat this, you'd better get advice from someone other than me. All I'm doing is suggesting you verify this before going any further. I'd hate for you to waste time investigating an ability you don't have.

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 06:49 PM
Hi DragonsDemesne,

... Maybe try repeating it to see if it was a fluke or not. Recreate the scenario of the test with a friend or somebody and see what happens.

Yeah, good idea. I'll try to get back to the research organization that hosted the event, or I'll very discretely get a neighbor or someone to help me out. I don't talk about it.

Hmmmm, success or no success on subsequent tries, it seems, would neither prove or disprove that it was real. Maybe several repeats are needed. Maybe a remove viewer will read this post. Maybe he can read it without turning his computer on - sorry, I had to write that

Bottom line, I'll take your advice, it'll be a few weeks until I find time, then I'll return to this message thread.

Thanks much for your suggestion.


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