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Quantum Punishment

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posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 08:40 AM
Here's a story based on the alien races and republics in one of my old stories:

“…all across the nation, audiences wait for the unveiling of CERN Laboratories Triton Research Facility’s newest achievement. Last year, their Proxima Centauri Asteroid Belt Labs developed an efficient method of teleportation, soon to be integrated with our current internet networks. We are now receiving transmissions from our Triton correspondent, Svernx Qalzar with the latest. Svernx?”
“Thank you, Rob,” replied a tall Marsoid-Terran hybrid, “joining me is Triton head physicist Gwerlg Tryht. Gwerlg, what exactly is going on here?”
“Well, Svernx,” the orange Shade replied, “as some of you already know, our universe is governed by two sets of laws of physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics. General relativity is what you learn in school as children, the predictable laws of physics that actually directly affect everyday life. Quantum mechanics are the laws of the very small, smaller than an atom, and under these laws, anything that can happen, will happen somewhere. Some of our scientists are trying to puzzle out String Theory on Fergyl, Alpha Centauri A. String Theory has been around almost as long as all other physics, but in four thousand years we have no results. But we here on Triton are using the “brute force” method.”
“What do you mean by that, Gwerlg?” Svernx puzzled.
“What I mean by that is that we are going to try to actually modify the laws of physics and force relativity onto subatomic particles by means of a micro ‘big bang.’ By changing the universe at the beginning, we can modify it for the present.”
“That made absolutely no sense.”
“Its about to begin, I have to take the podium.”
Gwerlg flew a short distance up to a hovering silver podium high above a cheering crowd of about twenty thousand. They were under an enormous silver artificial atmosphere dome. In the distance south was the spaceport, and to the north, the CERN complex. As soon as he reached the podium, the crowd settled down and Gwerlg began his speech.
“Greetings, we are about to initiate Project Reset Button, our campaign to force relativity onto the quantum world. Beneath the surface here, is the largest known atom smasher in existence, wrapping around the surface of this moon ten times. We hope to collide two simple hydrogen atoms and recreate the big bang under the right conditions so that there is only one set of physics laws. For the past two weeks, we have been running the warm up sequence. It should be ready to run in,” he glanced at the clock on the back of the podium, “now. Xplolnub, initiate the particle accelerator!”
A thinly built Titanian woman sitting at a control console hovering behind him began manipulating the controls. A loud humming sound started emanating from the ground, and the moon began to vibrate.
“Estimated time of collision: three minutes!” Xplolnub yelled.
The moon’s vibration soon turned to violent earthquakes. Spectators on the ground fell to the floor as the world shook.
“Erm…sir, we have a problem,” Xplolnub said.
“What?!” Gwerlg yelled, “What’s wrong?!”
“A few seconds ago,” Xplolnub explained, “the atoms sort of…disappeared. But they showed up again, but how they showed up is the problem…”
“What’s the problem?”
“It seems that the atoms duplicated. In the sense of two to the googolplex squared power. There is an innumerable number of particles in there. But not just regular particles…”
“Irregular particles? Like what?”
“There’s a lot of tachyons. And not just tachyons, but sparticles, antimatter, and gravitons, all colliding at faster than the speed of light.”
“Oh, shnaps! We’re all gonna die!” someone yelled.
“Warning,” the computer systems said, “core meltdown in five…four…three…two…one…zer –”
A gray shockwave erupted from the moon’s core and flew outward into space. At first, nothing happened. The crowd put their heads up hoping for an explanation, but then for an unknown reason, they all just fell through the floor, except the Shades, which solidified. Things began disappearing and reappearing everywhere. A vase of petunias fell from the sky and bashed open Xplolnub’s skull, killing her, but she survived. A duplicate of her appeared on Terra.
“Oh, no,” Gwerlg soliloquized, “This is what I feared. It seemed that our calculations were wrong. Instead of forcing relativity onto the quantum world, a bit of quantum chaos has been added to our world. Nooo!!!”
He stood there yelling for a few seconds until his newly solidified mouth melted shut.

Chapter 1...

[edit on 25-3-2005 by invader_chris]

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 09:03 AM
wow Perry Rhodan advance! in my opinion a bit too much strange words in it! - the names are too complicated for a smooth reading..just my reading emotion..

the rest is..kewl!

keep up writing!



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