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Why The Internet is Under Attack By The U.S. Government and Other Government’s around the world. A

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posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 01:10 PM
Why The Internet is Under Attack By The U.S. Government and Other Government’s around the world.

By Falcon.

The following information is only a overview based upon documented evidence that has been able to be viewed by anyone in the public with enough time and study but may not understand the realm or understanding of conspiracy.

Conspiracy simply mean’s 2 or more people coming together to commit a crime. The crime can be anything that is considered to be against the law.

Theory is what you can prove threw fact.

Why is the internet under attack here are the underlining reason’s for the recent attack’s on the internet. For starter’s people over a given amount of time and by nature of wonder and the desire to know and learn new thing’s so we are always looking for answer’s to question’s we don’t have.

Over the year’s this information was to be presented of what could be proven to be real and sense the invention of televison people up until the point of the invention of the internet have been getting most of there information from the internet rather from the television.

This has occurred for many reason’s but mainly because so many people have been effected by the government’s that were suppose to serve the people many people have been looking for answer’s in other places rather then people that were suppose to represent the people.

Due to western dominance over the rest of the world in many case’s which was a illusion culture’s from around the world have all adopted idea’s from other nation’s and state’s. These new idea’s eventually became a trend and the trend’s eventually became what is known a normal and or popular.

The internet has been under attack because the corrupted institutions around the world and in different nation state’s stand to lose control as well as being exposed for criminal activity the leader’s and people in charge of overseeing those institution’s.

What is the motive of attacking the internet or reason. Limiting the liability of the people it stand’s to expose.

Take the Iraq prison scandal of 2004. To try to limit the fact that the United State’s was engaging in torture. People like Donald Rumsfeld came out to try to limit the liability by saying he never authorised torture. Once it came out afterward’s however that he did to limit the liability what happened?

The lower level soldiers took the fall for the upper people that were responsible for the procedures justifying torture in the first place so that people like Donald did not get held accountable.

In this above case the prison scandal more then likely would have never been exposed or even talked about had it not been for the internet.

So this above example is a important part but also a good example of both attempted damage control / limiting the liability.

Liability deal’s in term’s of something like a car accident, if you have liability insurance on your car if you get into a accident you are responsible for the damage’s to the car or truck you are driving.

Same thing for politics or issue’s world wide. If you are the leader or runner of a institution no matter what that institution is, there is always a clause of accountability that come’s with your job.

Such as if you work at a bank, you don’t rip off the bank just because you have the access otherwise you stand to face the liability of your action’s.

One of the main thing’s the internet has allowed people at above top secret and other message board’s around the world is to get people to come to a place where people are free to have open discussion about any given topic’s or subject’s.

Because of the massive amount’s of corruption and lack of accountability in most ever nation around the world this mean’s there is a good chance the people that live in any nation around the world are less likely to have disclosure about any given topic.

Disclosure can be easily simplified as learning the fact’s about a given subject matter.

Such that it is a fact that the world is round for instance is commonly agreed upon by the people living on the planet earth there for that information is considered to be real.

The same thing goes for subject’s of conspiracy.

When people start finding the people that have committed the crime or act of conspiracy and start talking about it openly then you have to have damage control to limit the liability of the people responsible for the crime.

Was 9-11 a crime? Was Iraq a crime? So on so forth.

Sure they were that’s the whole purpose of damage control and limiting the liability so that people that are part and working to commit the crime’s can do more crimes or criminal act’s.

However right before a crime is committed the fall guy’s or people the crime will be blamed on will be demonized or pointed at to later once the crime has been committed the finger can be pointed at that group or group’s as being the one’s responsible for the crime also known as the fall guys.

The fall guy’s or fall group will be the people that will more then likely go to jail for the crime to both limit the liability of the real people responsible for the crime and also for political power and control.

At least in the realm of politics it all come’s down to money and power.
The below link is a good example of past motive’s the United States has done in the past to justify action’s it would be taking later for more power and control.

Remember that right before 9-11 massive amount’s of news story’s before 9-11 talked about the fact that bin laden and the taliban were going to hit the united states and massive amount’s of stories ended up later being exposed on the internet.

There you have the fall guy’s bin laden / terrorist, for when the real people that pulled off 9-11 did 9-11 the incident was already to later be blamed upon the already chosen fall guy in this example bin laden.

The motive’s for this act were quite clear and why the full scale of what bush and other people around the world that were responsible for some of which is now common understanding still a lot of fact’s about 9-11 have yet to be disclosed.

Here is a the story today that is to be the fall guy’s for the next attack on the united states or anywhere else around the world.

Demonizing The Opposition

But now because of all of the exposer of what the internet has done to the people in power we must look at plan b if plan a fail’s what’s plan a?

Plan a by looking at the above link is to do the same thing that was done before oklahoma city bombing. People just now here in the last few days have seen the story of the school shooting’s.

What a coincidence huh

School Shooting Connection

Look at the comparison to the School Shooting Connection and the Demonizing of the Opposition Story’s.

The fall group was chosen only day’s before the incident occurred. The trend however was already started month’s ago by labeling people as “internet bloggers”.

When that did not work another name had to be invented to justify the future act / future crime.

To establish any kind of law first you need justification for needing the law so “plan a” in this case has many angle’s to it.

Part 1 of plan a = Demonize the people on the internet that are finding out about crimes committed by government official’s as bloggers.

Part 2 of plan a = If plan a fail’s limit the bloggers by calling them hate groups.

Part 3 of plan a = Blame people associated with school shootings as being part of hate groups

Part 4 of plan a = Hate groups are on the internet they must be the blogger’s that did the school shooting.

These above example’s represent only a fraction of more then likely what was to be attempted by the people that are trying to limit the liability of truth coming out on the internet.

However we have to look at another angle to the above two article’s. At least in the United States The bill on assault weapons died not that long ago meaning assault weapons were no longer banned in the united states.

In order to justify law’s you need to have case file you can present as evidence for justification of the law needed.

So one of the other angles more then likely both to the school shooting and the demonizing articles is more then likely to establish the fact of needing new gun law’s to justify later criminal act’s by the people in power that are responsible and can be proven for past act’s like 9-11 or any other crime along these manner’s.

Another angle to look at is what is being termed in the news as cyber attack’s / hack attack’s on the internet.

Example of other angle of plan a.

Hack attack example story

In this above story if you are a government official you can later come out and say well we need to do something like “regulate” the internet net because hacker’s or people on the internet are able to attack us and we need a law regulating the internet.

Another angle to plan a. - The lawyers

Usually when ever any government official get’s into some kind of trouble most of the time the same people come into defend the people that have committed the crime’s in the first place to again limit the liability if the real criminal’s are caught doing something illegal.

Who is going to try to establish a law to justify the crackdown of the internet simple look at these story’s below.

Ted Olson Connection 1

Ted Olson Connection 2

Notice that in one of the story’s above that Mr. Olson broke his ties to the establishment to go into private practice. This is also part of the attempt to limit the liability so if you were the one trying to defend say in this case the internet you cant show the connection’s between Ted Olson and the bush administration.

And the final way to limit the liability if none of these small example’s of plan a work what do you do if you are a criminal committing the crime have a look at this story below.

Final Blow Accountability Example Story.

If nothing else and what you are attempting to do does not work out you can always just say national security or what not to limit any accountability of the issue at hand.

Why this is just a overview of part of why the internet is under attack it’s important now to stop and think of all of the other connection’s to the above examples already explained here.

This is where the idea come’s from that when it come’s to the truth no one is invalidated but no one is right, for when you are dealing with people in these kind’s of position’s that will go to this kind of extreme when a average person find’s a valid news story about a given subject it more then likely is connected to the bigger crime getting ready to be committed.

So why is this information important to how it relates to ats this link below is connected.

If you cant stop the people from exposing the truth associate them with blogger's or so called hate groups to attempt to limit the liability. Which more then likely is still part of plan a. And we come right back to the Demonizing Artical shown above in this small overview.

What is "plan a" more then likely? A attempt to keep damaging information from coming out on the internet.

I will write more on some of the other connection’s to what is going on with the attacks on the internet when I get time.


posted on Mar, 23 2005 @ 01:38 PM
Great post.

I have been viewing your site for years and finally decided to become a member. Issues like the control of the internet is something we need to be wary of.

If you take the position to not jump on the band wagon when the government attacks a group or an individual, this would be a first start.
If one then looks at why the group or individual is being attacked then the motive for the attack is obvious.

My fellow legal professionals have been infiltrated and put on the do not travel secret list because of their interest to defend various alleged criminals. Essentially the attorneys themselves have become attacked.

I practice in the Tax arena, threfore white collar criminals. If I dealt with defending terrorists, or undesirables the attack on attorney groups would have more impact on me than it currently does.

In conclusion, I look to whom is being attacked and why. Currently my profession is under attack, luckily I am not in the subset group of the attack yet. The question I posit the rest of you with is which one of you belong to the next group to be attacked? If you are attacked will you be believed or discounted as a crackpot?


Jeff, esq.

posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 05:33 PM
They Just got busted by falcon
Here's the artical.

Anyone want to start the filing of charge's as well as starting the investigation's into all the party's that attempted to commit this conspiracy.


posted on Mar, 24 2005 @ 10:57 PM
Government created the internet. Hypothesize this, Alpha controls Omega. If Alpha can control Omega than why let Omega happen when it can be subjected to subtle control?

posted on Mar, 25 2005 @ 12:49 AM
Government only created part of the internet is closer to the truth. Researchers and several governments created the internet. Also even if the net was to be controlled by the government, would this also cause the spring up of rogue nets across the globe using custom network protocols? Also, this is not even considering Internet2 btw..

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 11:27 AM
regardless of who "created" the internet, it is now a separate entity which has grown out of control. when something becomes international like that, it is impossible to be regulated. which is precisely why the government gets so upset about things like american websites hosted on chinese servers that tell the precise location of all of the congressmens' homes and such.

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 03:55 PM
Part 2 of How the U.S. Government and Other’s Tried to have Justification For

Internet Regulation.

By Falcon.

This part two of the evidence of how the U.S. Government tried to bring down the

internet. The Following is well documented evidence as well as more evidence that

can be put forward at a later date.

In order to have a new law or the need for some kind of new power you must have case

file. It can be proven that before 9-11 the FBI and other’s had verified evidence

of real people inside of the United States and else where of who were a threat and

from my research one of two thing’s occurred.

First we have to examine cointelpro, a FBI operation to infiltrate so called group’s

that might or could be a problem to the continuance of government power. The

document below will show that cointelpro was real and had congressional hearing’s

about it’s lawfulness at the time of it’s creation.

I have been able to with other above top secret member’s sense the 9-11 attack’s to

establish the following set’s of information these are at very least in part to the

fact that most people know the real story of 9-11 was a lie and that the people of

the world had to find out most of there information from outside sources so quickly

we will compare past event’s like 9-11 and how it relates to another event like

oklahoma city bombing.

1. Oklahoma City Bombing happen’s. Group’s are chosen to be responsible for the

attack the “militia’s” of the united state’s are blamed.

2. Who put out most of the information to say that group was responsible. Answer =

U.S. Government, mainly the FBI and the B.A.T.F. a division of the U.S. Department

of Justice

3. We have to take into consideration the BATF was created only after the oklahoma

city bombing, for the purpose of so called cracking down on domestic terrorism / so

called terrorist attacks against the united states.

The motive could be pointed at a lot of thing’s dealing with the oklahoma city

bombing but a lot of what has come out in the news sense the oklahoma city bombing.

At the time Bill Clinton was under investigation for looting the U.S. Treasury as

well as Misappropriation of tax payer fund’s as well as white water at the time.

Oklahoma City bombing happens and we have a depository which was the Oklahoma city

bombing was of U.S. Government Record’s all get blow up or lost in the bombing.

To get rid of the liability of white water oklahoma city as well as the

investigation of ken star at the time, The Monica news take’s place to divert

people’s attention from the rest of the crimes by Bill Clinton and other’s at the


Once Bill Clinton was no longer president, What was one of the first thing’s George

W. Bush did when he first took office? George W. Bush started blacking out records

of Bill Clinton as well as his father former president George H. W. Bush once George

W. Bush took office in 2000.

Due to the fact’s which have come out and are still coming out to this day many

people realize the 2000 election was stolen. It does not help the fact the U.S.

media failed to report all of the protester’s as well as the massive amount of

people trying to get legal recorse in the 2000 election that were stonewalled by

either the U.S. Justice Department or The Executive Privilege Clause such as the

elimination of record’s that would have gotten people like Bill Clinton or George W.

Bush impeached and based upon documented evidence to this day more then likely jail

would have been where all 3 of these former president’s would have gone.

For Information regarding The Executive Privilege Clause that information is already

contained in this posting in the first part of this overview of why the Government’s

around the world want to control the internet so there is no need to post that

information here. But what does need to be posted is a few more key point’s to

needing justification to do a crack down on political activist.

For Information regarding real intelligence gathered on groups that was still on

going before 9-11 with people that would or could cause a problem inside the united

states before 9-11 look at this link below.

We see here the fact of the mention of one of the groups that would cause a problem

would be none other then “The World Church of the Creator” as well as other groups

named in this press release look as well at the date. There was information at the

time before 9-11 of people that could or the FBI knew at the time were going to or

could cause a problem but there is even a bigger connection.

You see in the first link cointelpro was deemed un-constitutional once the hearing’s

were done and over with. We know from recent news articles disclosed in the news

such as the shadow groups linger over united states article seen below.

We also notice that in the article we see groups named for saying we have these

groups such as the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center,

interestingly enough they mention also the fact that they knew of these groups

operating inside of the united states. But what is even better is the fact we know

that both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center were

attacking saying right before oklahoma city that “militia groups” were causing

problems inside of the united states.

That’s not the important part the important part is someone needed to take the blame

before oklahoma city before oklahoma city happened. So the group was chosen before

oklahoma city happened and the evidence is there.

Similarly we have the same groups now coming out and saying what in regards to the

groups that may cause problem’s in the united state’s dealing with that above

article. “Lone Wolfism”

Another Interesting coincidence huh.

Here we have the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center same

thing right before oklahoma city doing and engaging in the same kind of activity

right before we had 9-11 both of these groups placed the blame on at the time of

oklahoma city on a group we know from strong evidence at the time that the militia’s

had nothing to do with oklahoma city and that it was a distraction to limit the

liability of the real people responsible.

As explained with documented evidence before in the above posting we know from

evidence this man that carried out the most recent school shooting was linked to the

world church of the creator. How neat isn’t it interesting the fact the FBI knew of

so called people linked to the World Church of the Creator were a problem before


If that were indeed the case it would explain why most recently the Secret FBI

report that came out mentioned the fact the FBI could not and did not know of any

and I quote sleeper cell’s inside of the united state’s for that evidence the link

is below.

Why there are other confirmed report’s of the above article being fact we also know

of another article dealing right before 9-11 that very little reporting came out on.

Called W199EYE.

Disclosed later to some great detail around 2004 on the link below.

You will need real audio to see the above file regarding the W199Eye Information.

Here’s what I find even more interesting, The fact that
A. The Report from the FBI official’s on this document have yet to be disclosed on

U.S. Television.

B. The Report mirror’s information contained about the fact the FBI again could do

nothing to arrest the people they knew had possible connection’s to 9-11 at the


C. The Report also mirror’s information about the fact dealing with the above

article saying no terrorist.

Odd thing that has some merit to another report already talked about in this

overview dealing with the FBI report in August of 2001, where the FBI is pointing

the finger of people that are likely to cause problem’s inside of the united states

before 9-11 and they at the time in the article again below they were at the time

pointing the finger at group’s like “the world church of the creator”.

Here’s a more interesting connection to the whole thing, first a man by the name of

David Berg exposed in this article below.

You know what’s funny about this whole thing the man by the name of David Berg has

some connections dealing with this “world church of the creator” we also know about

the fact of the evidence at this point the man mention in this story above did what?

He went on a killing spree right before he committed suicide.

You see that’s very interesting to me given the fact it has recently again taken

place before in the most recent school shooting up on this Indian reservation in

Minnesota a article about that is already at the top of this original post.

So here we have the same pattern’s of 2 different crimes committed inside of the

united states with the same groups both being named both before and have

connection’s after the crime has been committed.

Here’s even a better connection, I have been a radio talk show host for about the

last 4 to 5 year’s. and run my website that’s my avatar right now. What I find even

more interesting are the following thing’s bare with me as we go a little bit deeper

into this conspiracy.

Before I was ever on a radio network called Genesis Communication’s Radio Network I

was on the air here locally in butte montana where I still am to this day and now do

a radio broadcast on truth radio. Over the year’s that I have been on the air I

have had people on the air that have been former and past U.S. Government Official’s

to spill the bean’s on past and current government corruption.

In 2003 when my website first went online around march 2003 not that long after it

was up a man calling himself by the name of Raymond Ronald Karczewski joined the

message board of my website under a name along these line’s before I banned him due

to both listener outcry as well as people that were associated with the website at

the time that found his comment’s to be attacking as well as liable there for he was


But being at that point I was and still am a investigative journalist and did some

checking on the name of Raymond Ronald Karczewski. What was interesting to find out

is the man had already been banned from several other message board’s around the

country and elsewhere outside of the country I have a partial list of those

website’s here.


This by all mean’s is not all of them, however here’s the even bigger part and some

more interesting connection’s. The man calling himself Raymond Ronald Karczewski

look’s striking similar to a man that is suppose to be dead by the name of David

Berg. For a picture of Raymond Ronald Karczewski you can go to his website of the

link below.

David Berg Picture’s and compare the two when you get time.

The reason why I post information regarding the above website’s the man by the name

of Raymond Ronald Karczewski that he was banned from is I found some interesting

connection’s when doing my investigation into this matter.

For one, one of the thing’s this man by the name of Raymond Ronald Karczewski would

do is he would take other people’s e-mail’s off of the message board’s he was

posting on and make it look like people were sending him e-mail’s to ask him a

question of some kind. Raymond Ronald Karczewski would then answer the question

that was asked.

One of my listener’s also a investigator did some checking by taking a few of the

e-mail’s that were supposedly sent to Raymond Ronald Karczewski and e-mailed back

the people to see if they ever sent the e-mail’s to being with. Once we established

the fact that was not what happened and no one was sending the e-mail’s he was

banned from my website.

Why is this important the following reason’s.

A. We know the FBI knew of the groups that would cause problem’s before 9-11 and

were not able to do anything about it threw conclusive evidence.

B. We know in both instances in the past these groups named in these above article’s

were a problem and that when they were about to be busted for criminal activity they

were either conveniently killed or suicided to do what? Limit the liability of the

real people getting away with the real criminal activity.

C. We know from the evidence above that cointelpro was suppose to be shut down

because of it’s un-constitutional infringement’s upon people that were guilty of

nothing more then wanting establishment of law and justice.

D. We know from the beginning of this posting the purpose of this overview was to

establish why the U.S. Government’s and Government’s of the world had to get control

of the internet.

F. We know from past information disclosed to this day that people responsible for

committing crime’s always try to limit the liability of there past crime’s be

committing more crimes to cover up more crime’s.

We could go on and on but we need to look at a few more interesting connection’s

To limit the liability of Bill Clinton’s crime’s George Bush and other’s Black out

Document’s related to past administration’s investigation’s the article about that

is here.

What I found most interesting besides the fact when I started doing even more

looking into this Raymond person besides the fact he look’s exactly like David Berg

is that in all of the website’s he was banned from several people on those website’s

had posted information as to where people could contact them by e-mail.

Those e-mail’s mirror a lot of that list of website’s this Raymond person was banned

from not to mention the fact that when I did some checking of the people that were

on some of those website’s with there e-mail’s it matched up to another list that I

and a number of other’s some how ended up getting on a e-mail list by someone

calling himself Victor Martinez.

What’s interesting is Victor Martinez had quite a number of e-mail list’s of people

on there with mine included but several of my e-mail address’s were not made public

with the exception of a few times on the air.

I had already been under fire / harassment for a lot of the people I had on the air

between 2003 to today.

Several people both that appear to be connected to this group has in the past either

by the way of attempted and or infiltrated or made to look associated with real

groups that have no interest in being part of some religious fringe cult or are

doing nothing wrong other then exercising political speech have been targeted for

the purpose of none other then attempting to limit the liability of at least in this

overview people on the internet.

It is clear based upon the documented evidence of the some of the evidence above,

that division’s of the U.S. Government have both allowed and we might go so far to

say covered for the real groups they knew were a problem and did nothing about or

were not allowed to do anything about.

So in this overview and I have more evidence that will come out at a later date

after this overview has been read to show the following.

A. Above Top Secret as well as other Message Board’s and groups have been targeted

by people the U.S. and other Government’s that knew which real group’s were a

problem and those groups that had ties to groups like the Anti-Defamation League and

the Southern Poverty Law Center that were by all evidence provided will show groups

like above top secret doing nothing wrong but pointing out criminal activity done by

government’s around the world and were targeted by groups associated with but not

limited to the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

B. That Above Top Secret’s member’s were not limited to being targets to by the

groups listed above.

C. That this was allowed to happen under at least more then one branch of the united

states government and other’s.

D. That groups like Above Top Secret have done nothing wrong other then be too close

or too accurate to the truth about covering criminal activity’s or coverup’s by any

and all political institution’s that stood to be exposed that made groups like above

top secret and other’s a political target.

It is interesting to note these last fact’s this Raymond person lives in the state

of Oregon, Some member’s / division of the FBI is on the verge of being kicked out

of Oregon for not sharing information with local law enforcement official’s

regarding people in there area under so called investigation that article is below.

I find it highly suspect all of the evidence I can prove point’s me for one at

Oregon not only with the connection’s with this Raymond person but also some 9-11

connection’s that are not public yet that will be talked about later.

The bottom line to all of this overview not only dealing with all of the information

contained in this post but the one before is to show above top secret member’s two


Number 1. The closer you come to finding out the real people responsible for

crime’s like 9-11 the more you become a liability and in this overview I hope it’s

clear on what a liability is.

Number 2. I have been a member of Above Top Secret before I was ever a radio talk

show host or on the air and I can and will testify to the fact that one of thing’s I

am getting tired of hearing is that above top secret is run by Government People

wanting to collect information on people or what not.

The fact’s are clear based upon my evidence as well as many other’s people that

expose conspiracy’s become targets and that is precisely what above top secret has

become a target for it’s continued exposer of wrong doing by people committing

crimes inside and outside the government’s of the united states and abroad.

When I have time to post more information as to all the party’s that I have been

able to identify beside’s that which is posted here the information will become


Most of the member’s here know I don’t and have not usually posted such long

detailed analysis of how thing’s like conspiracy’s work or are carried out so part

of the reason for both of the post’s on this issue of why the government want’s to

control the internet was to explain to new user’s exactly what conspiracy is not to

mention the fact I don’t want to see above top secret be labeled as some kind of

group associated with groups like “the world church of the creator” or Nazi’s but

now I think once this information contained here is made public it will start to

bring people here at above top secret and else where to the understanding of what

the people have to gain and what government’s stand to lose.

This is the last thing for this post I will give it about a week and post more this

is the last part for now.

How many people here are willing to bet that there is the strong possibility that

this below link has Above Top Secret and other’s on it that are a being labeled even

though they are not as hate or terror group associated with it.

If there are no real terrorist according to the FBI and other’s guess they have to

made up fake ones, I wonder how many website’s can be found on that cd that are

making look or appear to be associated with above top secret or other’s so that real

political people are made to look like a enemy instead of people trying to fix the


More to come later


posted on Apr, 1 2005 @ 08:22 PM

In this above story if you are a government official you can later come out and say well we need to do something like “regulate” the internet net because hacker’s or people on the internet are able to attack us and we need a law regulating the internet.

*chuckles* regulate the internet...

This part two of the evidence of how the U.S. Government tried to bring down the internet.

*laughs histerically*

The U.S. government would never try to take down the internet, as they rely on it themselves. take control maybe, but...

good luck to ANYBODY who would like to try taking down or taking control of the entire internet. seeing as we are already having to use IPV6, and IPV4 alone could supply millions of people with access to the internet.

Anyway, the internet is a decentralized gigantic web over the world. There is absolutely no way a government could possibly "control the internet." You could control certain ISP's, try to pass laws, etc. but servers exist in more than just the U.S., like Russia (common place for hackers to use in order to execute their hacks) and the chances of Russia and the U.S. cooperating in secret sonspiracys is nearly impossible.

Sure, the government can try to take the internet however bad an image it wants, but they will never be able to take control of all of it. Sure, they try to keep you from access cuban sites and the like, but that sure as heck aint all of it.

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 11:01 AM
And some of this noted at

The ham radio people are doing digital nowadays...
information wants freedom.

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Solid web thread Falcon

With all the sensational diversionary passion-invoking stories (Schiavo,Pope,etc.) distracting many this week, I hadn't seen this (obfuscated?) news mentioned here as it successfully whizzed by, under the radar of most:
Major Internet Companies and Organizations Join Alliance to Stop Internet Attacks

A slew of major service providers and organizations have joined together to share detailed network attack profiles through an alliance announced recently by Arbor Networks.

As global infrastructure attacks, such as recent domain name server (DNS) attacks and worm outbreaks, become more distributed and diffused, network operators increasingly need to communicate faster and more efficiently with upstream providers and customers to resolve these attacks. Sharing attack information across business and network boundaries today has been a reactive and relationship-driven combination of e-mail and phone calls among colleagues. Before Arbor's Fingerprint Sharing Alliance, no automated mechanism existed for sharing and receiving threat and attack information.

Joining the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance:
Asia Netcom (wholly-owned subsidiary of CHINA NETCOM), MCI, Inc. formerly WORLDCOM, Broadwing Communications, LLC (provider of innovative data, voice, and media solutions to enterprises, service providers and government entities), Merit Network (the longest-running regional research and education network in the U.S), The Planet (fast growing managed US hosting provider),Cisco Systems, EarthLink, RackSpace, British Telecom, Internet2, NTT Communications, Verizon Dominicana, ITC^DeltaCom, Inc., University of Pennsylvania, Utah Education Network among others.

Like the stovepiping of information by our formerly independent intelligence agencies was blamed for failing to prevent 9-11, this 'show-intel' philosophy seems to now be fully embraced by major US/World ISPs under the auspices of thwarting & identifying the source of DDoS attacks, hackers, phishers, worm gurus,etc. which although seems well-intentioned, IMO it being only a matter of time (likely happening now) collective Cy-Op datamining abuses: pidgeonholing web demographics-identifying & sharing users/IPs of interest unrelated to CY-Warfare/Real-time Terrorism, such as compiling e-consumer behaviors/purchasing patterns/surfing habits, private medical info, confidential/business tip e-mails,etc. among a host of other insidious anti-privacy/anti-security implications. To would-be naysayers or corporate apologists denying this can occur, look no further than the latest Case in Point:
ChoicePoint violated federal securities laws by issuing false or misleading information.

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