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Military Implications of EU not lifting the China-arms embargo

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posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 03:24 AM
Just recently, it seems the EU is having cold-feet over lifting the arms embargo.

Reuter's link

The European Union is likely to delay plans to lift an arms embargo on China in the face of Beijing's passage of a law allowing military force against Taiwan and unexpectedly strong opposition from the United States, European diplomats have said.

What do you think will be the military impact on the China following the EU's supposed backtrack?

Personally, i believe that it will hurt China in the short term until probably 2030. But after that, China would be very versed in it's own R&D that the EU ban would be irrelevant. This renege on the ban will only harden China's notion that it can rely on no one but itself. China will do it's own R&D and It might even help China in the long term.

Other probable impacts will be the continuation of the strong arms trade between Russia and China. China will most probably buy the Tu-22 backfire bomber if offered.

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