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Conspiracy Theory: Terri Shiavo was assualted by her husband who now wants her to die to cover up t

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:32 PM
There are a couple of disorganized threads about the Shiavo case but I just wanted to come out and start a thread stating this theory. We are a board for discussion of theories right? I would very much appreciate feedback. If I am wrong in starting this thread please tell me and I apologize in advance for the trouble. However, this case seems too important and I really wanted to get this theory out consistently and in bits like it is in other threads. But anyway, here is my case.

I just listened to an interview with a Nobel Prize nominated doctor (nominated in rehabilitating people with the same condition as Terri Shiavo.) He spent at least 10 hours examining her over the years and says that she is not in a pvs or even a coma. He said that before the civil suit she was actually walking with help and could speak a couple of words. Then once it was over the husband denied all further treatment and rehabilitation to the point that she wasn't given anti-biotics for infections. He also moved her from facility to facility as soon as the staff there starting questioning why she wasn't being rehabilitated. The only way she got treatment was when he was overruled. Evidently Terri can currently even eat and drink on her own, but she is being denied food and water by court order, food and water that she could consume without a feeding tube. The doctors that testified in court that she was in pvs were hired guns that only spent on average 30 minutes examining her. Guidelines for such evaluations are to spend much more time. So, why is it that we are believing a doctor who barely paid her a visit as compared to a nobel prize nominated expert in the field that spent several hours diagnosing her condition?

So again I present to you what the husband has done in these past 15 years

*Had such a violent temper that he was on meds for it. Terri was reported to have been ashen faced after altercations with him. His doctor had suggested calling the police the next time there was an altercation after he became violently angry with Terri's sister.

*Had gotten into an argument with her earlier on the day of her illness onset over spending money at the hairdresser.

*When Terri collapsed and her heart stopped the husband did not administer CPR even though he was trained in it. Such aid could have prevented the brain damage.

*Bone scans taken in the months after her heart attack showed her to have a broken back, pelvis, and ankle fractures that were suggestive of being in a car crash or suffering abuse in the form of being thrown into sharp furniture or beaten with a blunt object.

*Experts have stated that her condition is more consistant as being caused by trauma then by a potassium imbalance.

*Michael Shiavo won a lawsuit to the tune of $2 million on the basis that Terri's condition was caused by bulimia and that it had not been diagnosed by doctors. He needs to make sure this stays the official ruling of the cause of her condition for this and possibly other reasons.

*Up through the trial Michael Shivo claimed that he would keep working to get his wife treatment. He never said anything about her wanting to die.

*Soon after the court victory he stopped all treatment, rehabilitation, and care for Terri Shiavo. He melted down her wedding rings, had her cats put to sleep, asked the facility if there was anyway to hasten Terri's death, is charged in the testimony of several witnesses as having said "When is this b*tch going to die?," and soon after that began legal preceedings to have her feeding tube removed, claiming that she would not want to live.

*Before the treatment was refused Terri, from the testimony of an expert who spent several hours with her, Terri could walk with assistance, speak a couple of words, and was rehabilitating well. After being refused all further treatment and rehabilitation including basic medicines on a regular basis Terri has understandibly digressed.

*Michael Shiavo is living with another women and has 2 children by her. While one can't fault him for moving on it is interesting to note that he kept this other family a secret from the Shiavo family. The only way they found about about it was from information in the obituary of Michael Shiavo's father. Shiavo also has kept medical documents secret as long as possible including the bone scans.

*Judge Greer, the presiding judge on the case, has been negligent and allowed certain abuses to occur to Terri through her husband. Therefore he has motivations other then following the law in making sure that Terri dies over the next couple of days. Here is an article that outlines this point

Of note in the last couple of weeks the judge has both denied a request to keep the tube in so that allegations of abuse could be examined and has ruled that upon Terri's death she will be immediately cremated. A nice quick death, disposal of the evidence, and any case against him or Shiavo are history. Of other note is that Congress is considering holding him in contempt of Congress and calling him before them to explain his actions in ignoring a federal subpeona.

*The witnesses for the husband have spent almost no time with Terri to really ascertain her condition. They are "hired guns" that have an agenda of death. Over 30 doctors including the expert I have used are on the record saying that Terri is not in pvs and can be rehabilitated. The judge has not even gone to see Terri himself. To the best I can ascertain the husband hasn't either in the past 7 years.

*The husband is stuck in a position that he will be in trouble unless his wife dies. If she is not in a vegetative state then his civil trial was resolved falsely. If it comes out that he assaulted Terri not only will he go to jail, the civil trial is completely invalidated. He was offered $1 million to give up the legal rights for Terri but he chose not to because he knows that with some rehabilitation she will be able to speak again and could relay what occured that fateful night. If Terri dies now, he still keeps about $500,000 of the money which is a nice sum for a man who before his wife's incapacitation was living off of her salary because he could not keep a job.

*Currently Terri Shiavo is being held in a hospice and is being denied food and water. She needs no other type of "life support" such as a resperator. In fact, she doesn't really even need the feeding tube as she can swallow, eat, and drink. However, because of the court order she is being completely denied food and water of any form, something we don't even do to convicts on death row.

*The expert I have quoted has stated that Terri has an excellent chance of rehabilitation if such procedures are allowed. Remember before treatment was denied she was actually speaking a little and walking. With proper help according to this expert she could talk, experience things, and live a dignified life with her mother and father. The only thing preventing this from happening is Michael Shiavo, and a judge sitting on the state bench in Florida.

*Her right to life is being denied. She is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by a government institution and therefore her 8th Ammendment right is being violated.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:40 PM
Good post.
I've been
saying this all along.

The fact that he waited 7 years to tell anyone that Terri's wish was to die if anything happened to her is suspicious.

Fractures on Terris body- suspicious

Many questions need an answer.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:41 PM
Yeah, excellent post!

There are a lot of unanswered questions and Terri was never allowed council to represent her interests. I hope the Federal court will remedy these issues.

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:44 PM

plenty of info here...

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:45 PM
Sorry, I did a search and found the one about her tube being removed, a couple from years ago, but didn't see your consolidation attempt

posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:50 PM
As noted there are a large number of Terri threads floating around ATS right now. Elevatedone has comiled a listing of them that can be found here.

Please post your thoughts and comments in that thread as this one will be closed.


posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:50 PM
Lets try to limit the number of Terri Shiavo threads so the information and discussion is contained in fewer thread.

Thread Closed

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