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Quirky Inmate Misses The Green Grass of Home (from ATSNN)

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 12:16 AM
This inmate has plenty of time to pursue an entry in The Guinness Book Of World Records, especially since he has spent a good portion of his life behind bars in Pennsylvania. After collecting more than 72 thousand 4 leaf clovers from various institutions he has been incarcerated in, he is now concerned because his new minimum security prison, located on several acres of land near Pittsburgh, does not have any 4 leaf clovers. This has allowed an Alaskan resident, Edward Martin of Soldotna, to be the new, unofficial record holder with more than 76,000 4 leaf clovers.
"There are no four-leaf clovers here," 53-year-old Kaminski told The Herald Of Sharon for Friday's editions.

Kaminski, serving time for crimes including burglary and shooting at a police officer, has collected a world record 72,927 four-leaf clovers since 1995. He found all of them
on the grounds of various Pennsylvania prisons.

"The guy's got the whole world - I have two or three acres," Kaminski said from the visitor's room of State Correctional Institution-Mercer, about 50km north of Pittsburgh.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This inmate commits crimes against society, including shooting at officers of the law, and in return he is able to pursue and attain a world record of being the greatest clover collector, at the expense of taxpayers. The life of a convict, collecting clovers will surely lead him to reform and reemergence into society upon his release with much needed skills.

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