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Just a quicky

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posted on Jan, 27 2021 @ 07:04 AM
Just a quickie: It was a long flight and we were talking about news items or other things of interest. My second office was a retired Captain of my airline.

He told me the story that when he was in the airforce they were testing different bio weapons that could be delivered by an aircraft.

There was a test and he was chock two. If Chock one had a mechanical or could not fly the mission he would do the mission himself.

The two aircraft sat on the tarmac with a canvas cover over two under wing dispenser pods. There was much debate about scrubbing the mission as the winds were above acceptable limits. The mission was simple. Fly low level at the speed of heat in a valley and when a green light came on or a green flag on the ground was seen start the dispenser pods to release their contents. When a red light or a red flag was seen stop, terminate, and climb.

Some boss type over ruled and said the mission would be flown regardless of the winds.

Mission was flown and the next day the news was reporting a massive sheep die off... Oops !

We always want to believe in the goodness and truthfulness of those in authority and when they screw up they will admit their errors.. Beliefs and faith sometimes have no basis in reality, No ?

Post script: It has been so long ago I forget the location but it might have been in or around Utah where the sheep were killed.

Plenty of test were ran on nerve agents back in the 60s


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