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More terror attacks in Israel

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posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 12:08 PM
This is one they wont show on the US news.

haaretz (Israeli site)

Some 40 yeshiva students from a West Bank settlement attacked a group of eight Palestinian laborers on Thursday morning, wounding at least five of them.

Jewish students in Nahliel threw stones at the Palestinians and attacked them with clubs. The Palestinians were legally contracted to work in the West Bank settlement located west of Ramallah.

Military sources told Haaretz the Palestinians were severely beaten and that they were "almost lynched," an expression connoting an execution of defenseless victims.


Settlers attack Palestinian house in Hebron
The roof of a Palestinian house in Hebron collapsed Wednesday when a group of settlers struck the building's walls with hammers.

The settlers also threw stones, eggs and water bombs at police and Israel Defense Forces troops who were guarding the site, lightly wounding a police officer. A police vehicle was also damaged in the incident.

The settlers attacked the officer while he was filming them striking with hammers at the home's foundations, police spokesman Shlomi Seguy said.


The settler violence doesn't get much airtime in the US media but it is not a rare event.

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