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Scott Peterson sentenced to death

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posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 08:25 AM
Yesterday Judge Alfred Delucchi accepted the jury's decision to sentence Scoot Perterson to death. Scott Peterson pleaded innocent, in december of 2003, to the murder of his wife and unborn child. Peterson killed his wife and son because he wanted to go back to the bachelor life. He was also having an affair with a massage therapist at the time of the murders.
A judge sent Scott Peterson to death row today for the slaying of his pregnant wife, Laci, after a turbulent court session in which his father-in-law warned him in a trembling voice: "You're going to burn in hell for this."

Judge Alfred Delucchi accepted the jury's recommendation that Peterson be sentenced to death, calling the killing of Laci Peterson and her fetus "cruel, uncaring, heartless and callous."

An eight-months-pregnant Laci Peterson disappeared on Christmas Eve 2002, and prosecutors said Peterson killed her and then dumped her body in San Francisco Bay. The badly decomposed bodies of Laci and her fetus washed ashore four months later.

"Our family is going to make it," said Ron Grantski, Laci's Peterson stepfather. "We're stronger because of this, and Scott got what he deserved."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I am so glad this guy is getting put to death. Mind you it's going to take at least another 20-30 years. The thing that i can't comprehend is why he went to such brutal lengths to stop a marriage. If you dont want to be married and return to the "bachelor" life then divorce your spouse, dont murder her! The even more sad part of this story is that an unborn child had to suffer.

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posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 09:03 AM
Im not a Scott Peterson fan. But he was convicted on circumstantial evidence. They had one hair on his boat and character witnesses. Thats about it. He IS scum of the earth, but I cant help feeling that he was convicted for being a scumbag cheater rather than for murder.

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