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The Slumber of the Beast

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posted on Oct, 17 2020 @ 01:23 PM
"I'm Dead. It is Done." Says the Man.

Laying down on his back, both arms spread open like wings, his legs together and feet crossed as if attempting to stay grounded.

A smile on his face which expresses absolute peace; a feeling of achievement echoes from his being.

The Man had cast a sentence upon the Beast within him; this much his Spirit knew full well, but his conscience lacked awareness of.

Hours pass, whilst the Man lay still; Time has lost all meaning to Him.

An urge within Him wakes the Man. And so he walks to his favorite dispensary, walking like the Undead.

He comes across a figure. "Is it She? Could it Be?" The Beast within, having not been completely yet severed has smelled its Prey.

And so the Man gains vigor as he approaches; only to be sharply disappointed by the mundane identity of the figure, having come clearer in view.

This cat-and-mouse game continues all night, haunting and taunting the Man and the Beast.

The Man stumbles to his destination, wobbling about carelessly.

He takes a break. He is sick; A vile substance exits through his mouth.

The Man takes off his black jacket, as he is drenched in sweat from his own heat.

He lays down on the sidewalk, arms spread out again, with a cigarette to his lips pointing to the skies.

"It is done." He claims once more, and closes his eyes.

The Beast sleeps now; though there comes the Day where the Man becomes whole again and makes peace with the Beast Within.

Upon waking, the Man thirsts, for temporarily cutting off this part of himself drains the Spirit greatly; For Him, it is as Suicide.

Becoming aware of what is lost, the man falls to his knees and vomits profusely, then proclaims aloud
"I knew Everything! I know Nothing!"
His eyes filling with tears; enough to fill oceans, yet his Spirit Smiles.

And so the Fool continues on his Journey, collecting and sharing Stories.

But these are for another Day.



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