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posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 06:57 PM
This is a story that I WROTE.I would like to share it with you guys
there might be misspelled words sorry

Have you ever wondered if all the myths all the fairy tales were

The End of The Begining

Once upon a time about 1billion years ago there was life,life that
some people dont believe well so it is.this the story is about 5life forms we call aliens
but there are many more the lookings that may be creepy but still beautifull insdide
there were Zeta Reticulans,Reptilians,Mantas,Arcturians,and Winged Draconians.
Zeta reticulans were a smart beings they invented and built many items that they passed through out their life
but they were inventing a flying object yet not finished.
Zeta reticulans were Gray with big eyes we dont know if they had a nose they were about 4feet tall.
Reptilians were known as a lizard they look like a lizard but they are as big as humans with two legs
and two arms their skin is covered with scales they areabout the size of a man reptilians seem to be from underground
they are vegeterians they eat mostly roots.
Mantas or Mantis we surely dont know too much about them or the people dont
Mantas are supposely like insects (Green Cricets) They seem to pray some way.
Arcturians they have something to do with heaven and they are telephatic and can
move objects by their mind they DONT judge beings by looks they have a big powers of healing
they are the first most inteligent advenced civilazation they look very much alike they life
to 350 to 4'hundreds and of years each one gloes.
Winged draconias are tall over 7'feet they are large greenish but thin and muscalar they feed of on fear and emotions
they seem to want to destroy and rule.

They lived on the one the same planet planet Earth...
when the dinosaurs life began there were aliens zeta reticulans had 4 medium size city's
there fear were Winged draconias winged draconias took them as slaves and stole their ideas
when Mantas prayed the other cultures didnt really mess with them mean while when reptiliansmoved into winged draconias
theretory they stoped and turned back feeling and hearing the evil of winged draconias preety much everyone
feared draconias since they were so bad they had the biggest theretory.
Arcturians and mantas lived in peace not really thinking about others while zeta reticulans were working as slaves
they tryed to escape far away to the southern part where there were dinosaurs
After 200years zetas had escaped from Draconias to the southern parts and made their new city living the other 4alone
and taking their inventions they escaped with the help of reptilians when draconias had lost their slaves they attacked
reptilians while reptilians ran as far as they could leaving Draconias half of the earth!
when mantas found out about that they informed arcturians and created the uppereast part of big defending armies so draconias
wont get through reptilians wondered of to the southern part where the zeta reticulans had settled sitting of to the side
the dinosaurs were moving quick and had been all over the place with t-rex being really close to draconias and had interactions together.
the mantas and arcturians had began to wonder if the reptilians still existed since draconias were hitting at them so often with their power
and their dark magic.after 1000 years zeta reticulans had finish their fluing object and learned how to use it arcturians had discovered it
and traded with zeta reticulans for healing power and other goods arcturians worked on an experiment of other organizem
Draconias were being attacked by t-rex a lot so they made a plan to bring nightmares to t-rex being close to them they used up a lot of power to do that
while the t-rexes were moving away because of their big lose nightmares the mantas and arcturians attacked leaving half the size of army
they had and draconias got really angry and also fear had surrounded them which they never felt before since they liked to fead
on it now it was too much of fear the lost their fear feeding which others didnt have extra fears while fighting but they stilled had
feared them.Arctulians had a vision of a big Splash of planets coliding making big mess and meteors falling down and killing life
Arcturians experiment had been done and they made humans Arcturians had traded and had as many as 234flying objects with they traded
with zeta reticulans Arcturians had been flying off all together flying to one of the closest star.
Mantas didnt want to leave and said it would be too dangerous but they did leave one fourthof their civilazation and the rest didnt believe of
the big colide of another planet draconias seen that everyone started leaving so they once again attacked zeta reticulans trying to steal flinng ships
but they didnt succed so once again they came gave half of their stuff and only received some ships which was a good deal to zeta reticulans
what zeta reticulans didnt know was that Arcturians left and some mantas did too so they lived had a very good goods and items
they helped reptilians a little by giving them food and simple items for their farms reptilians were a very small population
but they still exsisted when zeta reticulans found out about the colide of another planet they didnt believe.
after 2years the planet started to get bigger on the sky and bigger so zeta reticulans packed and left.
Draconias as well but they didnt have enough ship so only the most important draconias had left and others more than half
had to stay they made big defense shields and other defense items reptilians didnt know what was the big spot on the sky but they didnt plan to find out
When the other planet colided dinosaurs had burned and they were hardly any bones left because the colide was so huge draconias had died out creating only
bacteria left from them.
Reptilians tryed to hide underground really far far away to the farthest spot they had build underground and some did succed underground
and they never wanted to come out because they were so scared and worried what is there left so they lived underground.
Arcturians had landed on a far away planet and settled the human life there with mantas moving in and then them moving out after a rest and so the
mantas moved out to a diffrent place.zeta reticulans landed to a planet now called zeta reticulumn.Draconias wondered of far away and. And the rest of mantas had
and died when they shrinked the now looke like crickets and lost their knowledge.
and the reptilians had stayed on earth underground scared of coming out infact they might of never came out except that one time when the saw animals
and probably got scared because there were many of them and the animals didnt seem to treat the reptilians well
so they stayed underground.
Arcturians seemed excited that their biggest invention was another life form humans humans lived on their planet with love and care
untill a human betrated them and started to not listen and wonder off thats when Arcturians took all of the humans and came back to earth and left
them with almost nothing they started to spread and all around and became more and more humans and thats how the beginig after the end had started.

The aliens still exsist and are remembering us from the past.

[edit on 16-3-2005 by zeta]

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 05:46 PM
this sounds like a really bad bed time story no offense here are a couple of suggestions

  1. try not to rush the story
  2. try making your story make sense
  3. and try revising your story before you post it

with that said i thought it was good and you should try doing more stories to try and improve

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 05:49 PM
Not bad, needs a little spice or something!

Anyway, keep it up Ill be reading

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 05:50 PM
I liked it! well done theres alot going on in the story and i like the the way it makes you think,

Well done

posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 06:04 PM
Writing is a skill and like any skill, the more you practice it the better you will become at it. The important thing is that you are actually writing. I know many people who talk about writing and say they can write and yet I never see them put word one to paper.

I applaud you for taking the plunge.

I've often heard, and truly believe, that there is no such thing as good writing. Only good rewriting. I read where Papa Hemingway himself said his words didn't even begin to sing until the 11th revision. I've often spent more time rewriting my stories than I have actually writing them in the first place.

Good luck my friend. I look forward to watching your growth.

Love and light,


posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 06:27 PM
i agree with wupy though i haven't posted a short story maybe i should hmm i will grab a couple pages that i wrote and post it here you should see me shortly good luck.

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