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Mole Meets the Trickster Crooked Trail [CT2020]

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posted on Aug, 24 2020 @ 02:45 PM
Mole came aboveground.

"The air is fresh here," he remarked, "but I'm blind and need a guide."

Trickster Crooked Trail overheard.

"I'll guide you," said he. "Our path will be easy - all downhill."

"Very well, stranger," replied Mole.

Crooked Trail led Mole this way and that - all downhill. At length, they reached Rock Bottom.

Tired, hungry, and lost, Mole was helpless.

"Rest," said Crooked Trail. "I'll find food." But he snuck off, leaving poor Mole alone.

"My guide has tricked me and I can't even dig a tunnel out of Rock Bottom!" lamented Mole.

Mole was eaten by Owl.

That's it.
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posted on Aug, 24 2020 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: DictionaryOfExcuses

Hey DoE,

I love how you wrote a campfire tale instead of a tale about a campfire! My campfire tale included a campfire, lol. I just felt as if I couldn't get that campy ambience without mentioning it somehow.

This is very well done. You're a great story crafter and I love the themes you've been exploring.

Have a good one! PS Read your pm and I'll write back soon.


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